Email Marketing Strategy Implementation And Practice

importance Of Email Marketing Strategy

1971 marks the invention of electronic mail, and not until 1978 it was used for marketing. The email was used as a marketing tool by Gary Turek, a marketing manager. According to the rumors, he has sent 400 emails to his customers and earned significant complaints and $13 million. Thus, begging the sending emails, since there is no looking back.

What Is The Importance Of Email Marketing Strategy?

Do not think email marketing is dead because you cannot generate leads through emails. With the mediation of social media, you might think that people rarely check their email, so it might be better to reach them there.

If you are not able to generate leads through email, it is time that you should consider Email Marketing Strategy. Invest time in understanding what is wrong. Successful email marketing is much more than just jotting down an email and hitting the send button. To generate leads and meet your business goals, you must focus on email marketing lists.

There is hard work and strategy behind successful email marketing. You will need to take care of the followings:

  • Make an email list
  • Regular follow-ups
  • Ushering consistent and unique email messages
  • Top-notch segmentation of your contacts
  • Testing subject lines
  • Targeting to generate high click-through and open links
  • A/b testing subject lines

How To Improve Email Marketing Strategy?

Improve Email Marketing Strategy

The enactment of the following measures will ensure maximum benefits for emails to the level that it will become your main channel!

Implementing a comprehensive email marketing strategy involves various aspects, including personalization, segmentation, and mobile-friendliness. However, it is equally important to prioritize the security and trustworthiness of your email communications. One way to ensure this is by conducting a thorough criminal background check on individuals handling sensitive customer data and involved in the email marketing process.

By including this essential step in your hiring and onboarding practices, you can enhance your company’s credibility and protect your customers’ information. Remember, building trust is crucial in establishing long-lasting relationships with your audience, and maintaining the highest standards of professionalism is key to achieving success in email marketing.

Personalizing Emails

While sending emails, ensure to use customer data. Curate an email in such a way the customer feels connected to you. For example, instead of using, “Dear Customers”, use the customer’s name, like “Dear Bathsheba”.

Imagine you are the customer, and you get a greeting message from a food delivery company saying, “Hey, (your name), it’s lunchtime! Your pasta is ready.” The food delivery company is using your personal information like your name and by tracking your order history, curated this special message for you.

Top companies like Amazon, Zomato, eBay, etc., use this strategy to generate leads. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, took time to read customer complaints and attempted to satisfy the customers. 35% of the leads generated by Amazon are from recommendations.

You can also use other information about your customer maintaining ethics. Here are some tips that will help you with email personalization:

  • Rather than using [email protected], use a real email address where the customers can reply. It helps the user to trust your authenticity and improve your credibility.
  • Personalization starts with the sign-up form. Ask your customer for more information rather than name, location, age, etc. Do not ask for any information you want. Rather, ask for the ones that you need for your business.
  • You can further build a relationship with your customer by using real signatures in emails instead of digital signatures. Include your contact details so that your customer feels, you are there to hold them back. It is a wise way of personalization.

Implement Segmentation

Implement Segmentation

Segmentation is another essential aspect of email strategy. Segment your customer according to their interest, investments, etc. Sending electronic mails to the customers according to the segments will help you generate leads, increase revenue and meet your goals faster.

Here are some examples of how you can segment the customers:

  • The purchase history of a customer helps in their segmentation. For example, you can send offers to your customer they might receive on purchasing products in high bulk. High-spenders will look for discounts, and the email will intrigue them. On the other hand, sending it to a new customer who has not yet made a significant purchase would not make the email work. Target them by sending an industry-researched white sheet.
  • Segment your customers depending on their companies. A stationary seller must target schools and institutions rather than emailing a car seller company.
  • Focus on account-based marketing. You might be a wholesaler dealing with companies of all sizes. Give importance to companies with more strength rather than constantly sending emails to companies with less strength.


Email Marketing Strategy

It is 2024, and you know the importance of mobile phones in your lives. With time human has evolved, becoming dependent on technology. Lights, fans, air conditioners, etc., are all electronic we can not think of our lives without them. Mobile phones are the same. You might have the habit of checking your phone as soon as you wake up.

People are aware that mobile phones are necessities, then why are business owners not making their emails mobile-friendly?

Here are some tips that will help you to overcome the hurdle:

  • Use captivating, catchy, and small subject lines. Do not give away too much information to your customer about your email. Similarly, in the header text, do not include like that says, “click here for more information”.
  • If the mail has lickable links, make them bold and catchy. Mobile phones vary in size. If you make the links according to a tablet or a computer screen, your customer may lose interest and attention.
  • Use responsive email designs to give your customers an optimized experience regardless of the screen they are using.

Wrapping Up

With a full-prove idea of how to plan a strategy, you can implement the strategies to generate leads and sell your products. Always try to write a crisp and edgy email that will help to bring more customers on board. Focus on holidays, festivals, special occasions of your customers, etc., to send them personalized greetings and offers. Furthermore, focus on quality over frequency. It will help you go a long way using email marketing. You can take help from a professional email strategist who can help you with it.

Ensure that you keep on updating your ways and strategies, as the market is dynamic. There is a new feature that comes into the limelight every other day. So be in business, and keep yourself up-to-date.