How Hubspot Call Center Integration Can Improve Your Sales Process

How Hubspot Call Center Integration Can Improve Your Sales Process

At the onset of your company, you are more worried about getting any sales than you are about creating a well-defined sales process. At that fledgling stage, your organization only needs to keep track of a small number of leads and potential customers, making it a simple job. However, as the business grows, managing sales becomes more difficult.

Opportunities become more complex to monitor as more sales agents are employed; Some of these opportunities may even go completely unnoticed by your team. It’s often unclear who is working on what or how far a lead is in the purchasing process. Additionally, because there is no established standard procedure, the purchasing experience differs greatly from the agent handling a particular prospect.

While additional sales agent coaching and training may come in handy when the sales process is grappling or vague, pundits agree that utilizing the best CRM applications you can find is an even more effective technique.

Correspondence via phone is indispensable to the expansion of every organization. Top-quality business phone systems and a top-notch customer experience are fundamental for any business looking to stand out from the competition, whether it be a small, fledgling enterprise that is at its onset or a fast-growing, giant enterprise. And the gateway to providing that service is putting money into the technology that enables your customer care and sales staff to perform at optimal levels.

By utilizing HubSpot’s call center integration, small-scale enterprises and sales units can boost productivity, monitor work results, generate automatic call logs to enhance the client experience, and ultimately improve their sales process.

Below, we have outlined four principal ways in which HubSpot’s call center integration can help bolster your business’s sales process.

Boosting Operational Workflow

With the aid of HubSpot’s call center integration, you can organize your customer care representatives in a way that allows for a much more effective workflow. You can also track their performance and effectiveness on their jobs, and get searchable transcripts from every customer’s call, thereby saving your organization time that would have been spent searching for problems from previous months or years and ensuring smooth and easy correspondence.

Call Customers Instantly From the CRM

Call Customers Instantly From the CRM

The whole modus operandi of calling and keeping in touch with customers swallows up a lot of time.

However, courtesy of HubSpot’s call center integration, your call reps or customer service agents may call prospects and clients in just one click, or they can set it up to make outbound calls instantaneously and straight from the platform. In either case, accessing all the tools and data about a customer accessible in a single, centralized system streamlines the workflow of teams that interact with clients and reduces intrusions during communication.

Additionally, HubSpot contact cards that appear during calls enable your customer care agents to have all pertinent information in front of them, improving the caller’s experience. As a result, customers no longer have to recount their entire timeline with the company to get the representative they are speaking with up to speed. Also, during all calls, a ticket will be generated right in HubSpot for each call — with the call recording attached. This client-centric strategy boosts conversion rates and brand loyalty.

Monitor the Performance of Sales and Customer Service Teams

Monitor the Performance of Sales and Customer Service Teams

As a client-facing team expands, it becomes critical to keep track of which processes are effective and which require improvement. The same is true for new team members. Since it takes time to become fully knowledgeable and competent about your product, many teams pass through sales or customer service boot camps when they are initially hired. As the efficiency and productivity of your sales and customer communications teams increase, it is essential to keep an eye on their progress to make sure that they’re functioning as well as you intended.

By leveraging HubSpot’s call center integration, your company can collect and publish call data and recordings, as well as provide analytics and feedback. And this function can, in turn, be used to assess agent performance both qualitatively and quantitatively. As another efficient method, call logs and records can as well be used to keep watch on the progress and improvement of sales and customer service reps throughout training.

This functionality can also aid your organization in resolving conflicts and in dealing with problematic clients. By integrating with HubSpot, agents in your organization’s call center may see a customer’s whole history when they call, thus enabling them to provide the best counsel, support, and care.

Automatically Transcribe All Correspondence With Customer Service Reps

Automatically Transcribe All Correspondence With Customer Service Reps

Before proffering solutions to a problem, it is important to have everything figured out. It is for this reason that HubSpot employs AI to write and print out the conversation from every customer call made by the sales and customer support desks and attach them to the customer’s HubSpot profile.

By automatizing the preparation of searchable call transcripts, sales agents and call reps can save man-hours that would otherwise have been spent scanning through several conversations in an effort to ascertain the origin of a problem. It also means that the sales and call desks can draft reports based on the transcripts’ content. For example, if the word “disappointed” is frequently used in calls, your R&D team may need to work on the goods or services. And, conversely, if the phrase “great service” comes up regularly, your organization must be doing something right.


Relationship-building is a pivotal component of corporate growth. The way a customer is treated at every stage is crucial to establishing a positive experience, from the moment of discovering your services to the process of learning about it and deciding to make a purchase, to onboarding, using the product, and being an advocate for it. Your consumers can become your brand ambassadors if you have reliable, clear communication with them.

Finding an efficient sales process for your organization isn’t particularly simple, but with a CRM like HubSpot to guide you, you can put your company in the best possible position to get it done appropriately.


What is HubSpot CRM integration?

HubSpot CRM integration is the act of linking a CRM to HubSpot via an API so the two programs can communicate and exchange data.

What is HubSpot’s customer success tool?

HubSpot’s customer success tool is called Service Hub and it has varied (four) subscription tiers, thereby offering choices to businesses of different sizes.

Does HubSpot support VoIP integration?

If the VoIP provider has a HubSpot-VoIP integration among their integration possibilities, then the answer is yes, HubSpot does integrate with VoIP phone services. You can usually see if VoIP can integrate with HubSpot on VoIP’s websites as they typically have lists available.

Additionally, HubSpot has its own internal VoIP solution with tools like call recording and automatic customer conversation logging. However, the premium versions of Sales Hub and Service Hub are the only ones that offer this functionality.