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fact monster

Fact Monster is a website that is categorized in educational websites. It is a good source for kids to read and learn things. This website provides content which is written by experts.

So, It can be a trusted and reliable Information. To make your general knowledge good and basics strong, it is a good website.

General Information

Website Category: Educational fact-based

Founded Year: 2000

Website: factmonster.com

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Fact Monster

The fact monster is a trusted and popular learning place. Their content includes an encyclopedia, educational games, quizzes, flash cards, random house dictionary, thesaurus, atlas, and a homework center. It is also certified by kidsafe seal program.

So, overall it is a good site which will help you with homework and facts. You can also play games and quizzes to refresh your mind. There are lots of useful information available on the fact monster.

Website Categories

You can learn many things on this website like the world economy, basic math, etc. So, to make it comfortable and easy to understand things. The website is divided into 10 categories. Have a look.

1. World

In the world category, You will read and learn about different countries, the history of the world, facts & statistics, war, geography, religion, and natural disasters.

2. U.S

In this category, you will find everything related to the USA. You will see topics like U.S history, geography, government, education, laws, states & cities, population, postal information, race, and ethnicity.

3. People

Topics like biographies, U.S presidents, people fun facts, the woman of influence are covered in this category.

4. Math & Science

You will read content about math, biology, earth sciences, environment, energy, chemistry, physics, general science, food, weather, and space.

5. Language Arts

It covers topics like grammar, spelling, speaking of language, etc.

6. Homework

It includes geography, math, history, language arts, science, social studies, writing, research, studying, speaking, and listening.

7. Games

You can play games like the roman numeral challenge, hangman, tic-tac-toe, math flashcards, quizzes, and trivia.

8. Holidays & Calendars

Holidays, festival dates, etc.

9. Tools

There are many good tools available which can help you. So, these are the tools that you can use – almanac, atlas, distance calculator, dictionary, encyclopedia, spell checker, conversion calculator, place finder and thesaurus.

10. Videos

There are lots of educational videos available on the website. You can watch them.


Fun monster is a good website for kids to learn general knowledge of the U.S and world, maths, science, etc. There is no registration or login required.

So, it is an easy and good site to start reading, watching videos, playing games & quizzes.

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