Fly Fishing Dreams: How to Learn and Build Your Bamboo Rod

Fly Fishing Dreams How to Learn and Build Your Bamboo Rod

Fly fishing is a popular technique that many fishermen use to catch fish quickly. It is highly effective when it comes to fishing. That is why more and more people consider this type of technique. But to become perfect at it, you must also have the right equipment. A perfect bamboo rod can be of great help in this situation.

As a fisherman, you need to find ways to have a smooth experience while fishing. One of them is getting the best equipment. Well, you have to research well to know about the same. You can also ask fellow fishermen to guide you through the same. Otherwise, you can also get information from many websites and platforms.

Fly fishing is impossible without having a good grip bamboo rod. However, finding a durable and advanced one is nearly impossible as limited shops exist. So, what can you do in this situation? You can consider building it yourself. Yes, you read it right. You can also make your rod by following some straightforward steps. Many people consider enrolling in Bamboo fly rod building classes. In these classes, you can quickly learn the advanced ways to build brilliant equipment for this fishing technique.

Many people believe in the misconception that homemade bamboo rods are not that effective. In reality, all of this is false. Instead, you can build better equipment if you follow the proper steps. Let’s discuss them in detail to guide you throughout the process.

What Are The Steps To Build A Perfect Bamboo Rod?

What Are The Steps To Build A Perfect Bamboo Rod

Making brilliant fly fishing equipment is indeed challenging, but not impossible. Anglers should know the same. So they can make it once their rod stops working correctly. The best thing about building it yourself is that you can save a lot of money. Bamboo fly rods are usually expensive because of various reasons. Here are all the steps that might assist you in making the perfect equipment-

Gather All The Vital Products

Getting everything for the equipment together is the first step. Many struggle with this phase because they are unsure of all the items required. The Tonkin Cane is the most significant one. It is a particular variety of bamboo that is regarded as the best choice for a fly fishing rod. The length and density of the fibers are the primary causes. It greatly increases the equipment’s robustness and durability. Consequently, you won’t need to worry about it breaking rapidly.

Your next thought might be, “Where can I buy a Tonkin Cane?” Well, it’s simple to find it online. It is offered for a cheap price in many stores. So, after comparing, make a decision. Also, don’t forget to read the customer reviews of that online store regarding the quality of products.

Apart from Tonkin Cane, there are other materials as well. You need them to ease the building process and get a perfect final product. They are as follows-

  • Heat gun
  • Rod glue binder
  • Wood cleaving from
  • Scraper plane
  • Lock planes
  • Splicing blocks
  • Pointed blade screwdriver
  • Dial calipers
  • 60-degree dial indicator
  • Depth gauge
  • Nickel silver rod Hercules
  • Silk thread

All these are readily available in all the shops that provide hardware products. You can also discover some shops that keep fishing tools and equipment.

Split The Bamboo Into Parts

The next step is all about cutting the bamboo into several parts. These can be between six to eight parts, not more than this. You can use a free to do precision cutting. Once you have cut the larger pieces, you can use a screwdriver. It might help you cut these pieces into thinner ones.

For the butt part, you must retain six bamboo pieces from the bottom part (five feet) of the cane. If they are less, it won’t be possible to create a strong base for the rod. Also, don’t forget to measure the top section of the bamboo in five feet. It is the only part that will be used for making the tip of the equipment. After measuring, you can cut the top part into twelve pieces. These twelve pieces will be used as additional tips.

Sand The Bamboo And Heat It

Sand The Bamboo And Heat It

Bamboo sticks usually have a lot of bumps on their surface. While making a fishing rod, it becomes a concern. But don’t fret, as there is a simple method to remove them quickly. All you have to do is sand the bumps and use the heat to smooth the surface.

Filing is crucial because some bumps are much more significant. You can use a knife or a sharp tool to remove them. And for the heating part, you can use a heat gun to make the surface plain.

Shape The Bamboo Pieces

Another significant step is shaping the bamboo pieces into equilateral triangles. A surface planer is the best tool for this step. It is also convenient to use for beginners. After shaping the pieces, you can join them by using a string. Then, you must turn on the oven to remove the moisture from the combined pieces. You must remove the string after the heating process is done.

Make The Pieces Narrow

You have to make the strips narrow with the help of a block plane. This way, you can remove the extra bamboo and create the perfect fly fishing rod of your dreams. Shaping is essential as it improves the working of the equipment. You don’t have to worry about the final result after completing this step.

Glue The Pieces

Glue The Pieces

Now comes the gluing part. After successful shaping, you can glue all the pieces together to make the rod. Epoxy is the perfect glue to use in this part.

Mount The Ferrules

The last step is to mount the ferrules. These help make the rod stronger and more durable. You must add epoxy into the ferrule to end the process. You can leave the final product for one or two weeks.

Final Thoughts

Making a bamboo fly fishing rod from scratch is challenging for beginners. However, by learning the above steps, everything is convenient. So, try making it on your own.