Know About The Latest Features In Oracle Ebs

Upgrading to Oracle Electronic Business

Upgrading to Oracle Electronic Business Suite new version can provide you with many features. Oracle EBS is a kind set of application for a business that can help in automating Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, and even supply chain management. All these are important activities for every business. Opkey is one such platform that avails all their customer of the services of the latest version of Oracle EBS automation.

You should seriously consider upgrading to the most recent version, 12.2.11, if you are a current Oracle client using EBS 12.1 or an older version, using sustaining support, and intending to have your e-Business Suite updated to 12.2.

Oracle Ebs

Oracle EBS 12.2.11, which was released in November 2024, is now in a stable state, and customers are beginning to implement it. The additional capabilities included in Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2 provide long-term support, with Premier Support being guaranteed until at least the year 2033.

Oracle has a strategy known as “Continuous Innovation,” which involves introducing new features and updating the technology stack below them without necessitating a significant upgrade to the E-Business Suite. Oracle E-Business Suite facilitates the use of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and is able to efficiently cohabit with Oracle SaaS apps that are complimentary to the suite.

With time, the latest version of Oracle EBS is something that is coming up with so many changes that can provide the clients with the best user experience and increment in performance. Here is the list of new features added in the latest version of Oracle EBS. Let’s have a look at them.

Oracle EBS 12.2.11
  • Have better GUI: The latest version of Oracle EBS offers a very modern user experience with a new look and feel to the system. Now, this system has icon-based page navigation where different users can select all the icons that they want. Even this new version allows better user interactions that help in scrolling through it very well. The introduction of new widgets has improved user productivity to a great extent.
  • Online patching: Most of the online patching will allow the application of patches to the Oracle EBS latest version, which will still keep up the system in better working condition. The patching feature will allow supporting the functionality of the system, which will provide with better user experience.
  • Weblogic server: This is one of the major features added in the latest version of Oracle EBS. The Weblogic will obtain all the data from the database and make it very useful from the metadata dictionary. This is a kind of tier planning that creates a hybrid application using OAF-ADF with optimizing clustering performances.
  • App passwords change routine: There are some modifications to change app passwords in the routine in the Oracle EBS. This includes some extra options according to which the password can be easily changed. Even there are some manual steps using FNDCPASS.

The use of the latest version of Oracle EBS can provide the person with many benefits stated below:

  • The use of the latest version will always make sure to provide the user with a very streamlined process. Different types of native installation tools are put together just to enhance the functionality of the whole system.
  • In this system, there is high availability to be ensured with online patching. The patching process and user downtime are limited to the system for restart time. The use of this system will not interrupt different critical business operations and revenue-generating activities.

Additional Features:

Additional Features
  • Information tiles with color-coded data:

Infotiles’ colour coding allows for easy differentiation between tiles by using predetermined colour schemes. In order to better distinguish across views, users may statically assign colours. Developers and system administrators alike have the option of using static or dynamic colour coding depending on view name or count.

  • Radial columns that appear and disappear quickly

Information from a view attribute that is not identical to the view attribute for the column metadata.

  • ECC pop-up support:

Now ECC may make use of a pop-up to encourage further dashboard integration inside Oracle EBS.

  • Plain sight in the Quick Search Bar for illustrative Flexfields:

The version now allows for the various parts of a descriptive flexfield to be shown in the straightforward search panel, rather than in a separate pop-up window. The “Render as Popup” feature allows users to fine-tune the presentation.

  • In CSV exports, a semicolon is used as a delimiter.

When exporting data to a CSV file, users may choose a semicolon as the separator. The goal of this revision is to conform to regional norms in which the semicolon is utilised as the most common delimiter.

The following is a list of some of the brand new 12.2.11 capabilities that were included in the most recent revisions to the revolutionary E-Business Suite.

oracle ebs devops tools
  • Milestone Billing is an extra flavour that may be applied to Recurring Billing to make it more interesting.
  • Support for the Desktop Integration Framework (Web ADI) has been included in this version of Order Management. Because of this, it is able to automate. Make a brand-new order or quote, modify any existing order or quote, and add one or more lines to an existing order or quote.
  • Employees are able to monitor their requisitions and take action when they are on the go thanks to the Oracle Mobile iProcurement for Oracle E-Business Suite.
  • Authoring of Purchase Order Lines Through the Use of Spreadsheets Users who work with purchasing may now make use of spreadsheets created in Microsoft Excel to establish or amend purchase order lines, timelines, and distributions.
  • Oracle General Ledger’s Journal Approvals feature has been improved to include integration with Oracle Approvals Management and Oracle Workflow. This integration enables more flexibility in the definition of journal approval criteria and improves efficiency.

The scope of upgrading to the latest version of the software is always beneficial. Just take the help of this platform for e business suite upgrade. The main purpose of this platform is to automate the most complex ERP tests and make them very simple to use.