Top 7 Gadgets For Managing Your Travel Blog While Going To La

Managing Your Travel Blog

When coming to California, making fantastic videos for your blog, vlog, Instagram, and Tick-Tock to talk about your impressions are entertaining. For example, your journey to LA. It is a city of angels that everyone wants to visit, and many people come to the city hoping to get caught up and create a career, and some are left with shattered illusions and dreams. So today, let’s talk about gadgets you should always have with you if you’re a blogger.

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7 gadgets for a travel blog

The minimum blogger starter kit may consist of just a smartphone or a laptop. The modest and budgetary set of devices will be enough for you at the beginning of the journey. But you have to remember every year, the demand for quality content grows, so if you have a blog – you also need high-end equipment.


The range of camera prices is enormous. But more often than not, the beginner is looking for a camera that can be very expensive.

  • If you are not satisfied with the quality of the camera in your laptop or cheap “webcam,” try using your smartphone as an additional camera.
  • The best idea is an action camera if you want to create dynamic videos for TikTok or extreme videos. It’s more rugged and reliable than a smartphone and shoots even better in motion.
  • You need a drone with a camera if you want to shoot mass events or inspiring landscapes. You can start with inexpensive Chinese models – they give confident Full HD or even 4K resolution, are easy to operate, and don’t get lost.

The number of devices to buy depends on what you already have. You can often get by with a smartphone. If you want to take pictures of landscapes but are still determined if you’re ready to spend money on a drone immediately, try renting a gadget – such an experiment will be inexpensive.


A good blog or podcast is many hours of painstaking work with sound. With ordinary amateur ones, it will be difficult: after a couple of hours, you will want to take them off because these headphones are designed mainly for short trips in transport or jogging.


Modern cameras are a great option, but video stabilization quality is poor. Steadicam does this much better. It eliminates camera shakes and helps create smooth clips.

Mechanical Steadicams are used for stabilization, and the length of the tripod can be adjusted manually. Such models are more expensive but are more compact and efficient and easier to shoot tilts and panoramas. Electronic ones use electric motors and sensors for this purpose. Therefore, we suggest paying attention to the LAX car rental services and renting a car right at the airport.

Modern cameras


Built-in microphones in smartphones and laptops could be of better quality. Built-in microphones were originally designed to transmit information to the interlocutor: on the phone, via Skype, or through other messengers.

It is best to choose professional equipment for recording podcasts, video soundtracks, live streaming, and live broadcasts. The versatile AKG P120 studio microphone will help you capture your voice perfectly.

Monitor speakers

When creating podcasts and sound for videos, you need to know how your listeners will perceive these tracks, so you can only do this with good monitor speakers. Monitors give you an understanding of what’s going on “inside” your audio material, help you align the track by volume and frequency, hear how the sound moves within the scene, and how stereo effects are felt.

Ring Light

Ring lights have become a real treasure for beauty salons, dressing rooms, and bloggers. Such devices do not give shadows and glare, create an effect of natural lighting, and do not flicker during long-term operation. A ring of LEDs provides even illumination, makes acne, wrinkles, and other skin imperfections less noticeable, and refreshes and evens the facial structure.

Audio Interface

The audio interface is your audio system brain. It allows you to correct and amplify the signal and provides a direct transfer of sound to the sequencer for further manipulation of the track.

Best Practices for Storing and Protecting Your Gadgets

When it comes to managing your travel blog while going on a trip, one of the most important steps is to make sure that your gadgets and other digital devices are secure and properly stored. There are a few good practices that you should keep in mind to make sure that your devices are safe while you travel, such as using a quality protective case, investing in cloud-based storage backup solutions, writing down data recovery information and making sure the device is disconnected from the internet when it’s not in use.

To ensure your gadgets stay safe, start by protecting them with cases or bags specially designed for traveling. While these might cost more than generic versions, they offer maximum protection against bumps and jostling during your journey. Investing in an extra power adapter is another wise idea too since this can be very useful if something goes wrong or if you need to plug in the device elsewhere.

With any digital device, it’s essential to back up all of your data so you don’t risk losing important information if something should go wrong during travel. Look for cloud-based storage solutions such as Google Drive or Dropbox which can give you access to all of your files from any internet connection or set up an external hard drive where you can copy essential files before leaving home. Additionally you should store a list of critical password and serial numbers for recovery options if needed so that even if something does happen, you’ll have helpful instructions close by for any repairs or troubleshooting tips.

Lastly, before traveling with digital devices, disable them entirely when not in use instead of just locking the device so that no one else can access its contents accidentally while packing or moving around. Once turned off completely the gadget will be safe from hackers looking to try using passwords inside airports and other high security environments which could potentially lead to viruses damaging the machine over time even without ever unlocking it!

What else will come in handy for the aspiring blogger?

Background holder. It will be convenient if you are not happy with the interior of your apartment and want to take a more professional photo.

Microphone stands allow you to adjust the microphone’s position and free your hands.


Soundproofing mats and cushions help you set up your recording studio even in a rental apartment. Microphone Windshield. It gets rid of hissing and hissing sounds of exhalation.