Skills Required To Become A Cloud Architect

Become A Cloud Architect

Believe it or not but cloud architects typically ensure a cost-effective move to the Cloud. This is primarily because cloud strategies have become more nuanced and relevant than ever. If you excel at programming and are technically proficient, you might want a career as a cloud architect.

But for that, you need to understand which skills are vital for this career. Only then will you be able to flourish in this career. Today, this article will discuss the most important cloud architect skills. Let’s get started.

What are the skills necessary to be a Cloud Architect?

What are the skills necessary to be a Cloud Architect

Cloud architect skills typically refer to the set of soft skills along with technical abilities. This technology enables cloud architects to perform all their assigned duties responsibly. Nevertheless, cloud architects are highly skilled as they make the best use of their knowledge in a typical manner.

These professionals also have the expertise in building reliable, robust, and scalable cloud architecture. These are possible only because the experts efficiently work within a dynamic industry. On the other hand, they must also deal with many demands.

As an aspiring cloud architect, you must possess certain skills discussed below. Remember that an extensive skill set can deliberately help impress potential employers. Thus, the chances of securing a job will eventually increase.

Let us quickly check out the essential skills of a professional cloud architect.

Essential Cloud Architect skills

Essential Cloud Architect skills

You will already know that cloud architects usually strongly understand cloud computing with other technical areas. Here, we have listed a few skills that can benefit cloud architect professionals:

  • Programming language

As a cloud architect, extensive programming or coding might be optional. However, maintaining and developing working knowledge is immensely crucial. Surprisingly, these professionals are quite competent in scripting and programming languages for efficiently executing their duties.

And to perform some of their daily tasks, they are required to use certain programming languages. They typically include Perl, C#, Python, Ruby, .NET, etc. Also, a general understanding of programming is more than essential for executing feasible and logical solutions.

  • Operating systems

To make yourself a desirable candidate, it’s important to possess an in-depth understanding of the functioning of operating systems. Cloud architects indeed operate within diverse professional environments. That is why they must be proficient in operating systems, including Ubuntu, Linux, Unix, and Windows.

Thus, it can efficiently help in enhancing their versatility as a professional. Besides, they also have greater chances of collaborating with system administrators. And when they possess this skill, they can seamlessly identify problems and brainstorm the best-suited solutions.

  • Networking and Data Centres

This skill is crucial as a cloud architect is responsible for devising new strategies for moving systems to the Cloud’s center. They also demand networking knowledge and data center technologies for accomplishing all work. Most of the professionals have expertise in private line-based networking and software-defined networking.

On the other hand, some also have extensive knowledge of servers, block storage, server virtualization, etc. Most interestingly, cloud architects are invariably knowledgeable regarding numerous protocols of file-sharing.

  • Design and Architecture

Cloud architects

Cloud architects make the best use of technology for solving customer issues. Cloud architects are highly proficient in designing end-to-end systems. They often possess the skills of formulating designs that seamlessly address a business issue.

These professionals are typically experts for all the legacy and existing systems within the network and data center. They are also familiar with the functionalities of cloud migration as they efficiently connect with the ideal cloud-based systems.

  • Service Selection

A cloud architect needs to know the kinds of solutions and services your project demands. There are a plethora of companies that invariably offer a broad range of cloud management services, including Microsoft Azure. Nevertheless, a competent architect is also aware of the client’s expectations and offers numerous solutions for saving expenses.

  • Security

Security is another important component of cloud computing. The Cloud technically provides both network and physical security. Multiple services can efficiently help maintain network security for numerous cloud platforms.

  • Leadership

Often, cloud architects are given the responsibility of leading a team. So, they need to develop strong leadership qualities and become successful professionals. You should note that problem-solving, empathy and decision-making are major parts of their leadership skills.

Is it worthwhile to become a Professional Cloud Architect in 2024?

Is it worthwhile to become a Professional Cloud Architect in 2022

Yes, a career as a cloud architect is worthwhile, and it’s not just because of its fancy name. So, whenever you work as a cloud or network architect, you’re at a unique point in your career. This is primarily because you’re not just implementing minor technical configurations and solutions.

On the other hand, the average annual salary of a cloud architect is $128k. And most interestingly, the salary can typically range from $81k to $187k. While the pay scale is so intriguing and handsome, you’ll want to commence a career as a professional cloud architect. And for that, you need to enroll in the best certification course for cloud architects.

To conclude

The essential skills of a cloud architect might seem like a lot. However, they typically amount to a role immensely vital to organizations more than ever. Besides, cloud architects are those IT professionals who typically earn high salaries for building and deploying plans and applications. They are also responsible for monitoring the cloud activities that occur within their organization.

So, if you are willing to become a cloud architect, you must start preparing yourself from today itself!