10 Best Apps and Websites Like Slitherio (Slither.io)


Slitherio or you can say slither io is a popular worm game. In this game, many users play at a single time. It is available to play on the web browser. You can also download the android app from the play store and iOS users from the app store.

Official Website: slither.io

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Slither io

Slither.io is an online web browser and app-based worm/snake game. A user can customize his worm color and skin. There are different skins and colors available for worms.

How to play slitherio?

The game user interface is clean and easily understandable. So, it is not a problem, anyone can simply understand all the things when playing this game.

Worms grow larger on consuming nearby pellets, defeating, and consuming other worms. One worm can eat the other worm only, When the head of the other snake collides with any part of your snake, except the head.

To start playing this game, the first step is to write a nickname to your worm and then click on the play button to start. You can use the up, down, left, and right keys if you are playing it on the computer or laptop.

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Best Alternatives of Slitherio For PC/Desktop – Websites Like Slitherio

If you are looking for some best similar websites like slither.io, Then you can try these alternatives.


wormszone io

It is the best alternative to slither io. Gameplay and rules are the same as in slitherio. But the graphic, consuming things like pizza, chicken, apple, mushroom, etc. make this game more attractive to play.

You can also see the gameplay of this game by playing the video given below.


slitherio alternative

Wormax.io is also a good alternative. The graphics and design are a little bit different. The game interface is simple.


similar websites like slitherio

It is one of the most popular games on the Internet. Agar.io app is also available on the Google play store with over 100 million downloads. So, you can try this game for more fun.


slither io

It is another similar website like slither but a little bit of change in the design and Interface of the game. Otherwise, everything is almost the same.

Best Alternatives of Slitherio For Android Phone

These are some best apps related to worms and snakes games. If you are looking for slither io alternative to use on the android phone then check out this list.


Wormszone is the best competitor of slitherio. This app has over 100 million downloads on Play Store. You can play this game as a guest or login with your facebook account. The player can change their worm color, eye, and mouth using the coin. You can get coins by playing the game.

Death Worm

The controls for the player is easy, just touch the screen to move the worm. Graphic and audio are good. Overall it is a good app If you want to play any worm/snake game.

Death Worm™
Death Worm™
Developer: PlayCreek Games
Price: Free


Wormax is a good alternative to slither io. The movement of the snake/worm in this game feels and seems like the real one.

Developer: Elyland
Price: Free

Insatiable io Snakes

It is another popular snake game and the gameplay is also different from slitherio. In this game, A player can cut other player snake from mid and bottom. So, maintaining a big length of the snake is difficult in this game.

Insatiable.io - Schlangen
Insatiable.io - Schlangen
Developer: MagicLab
Price: Free

Little Big Snake

It is another popular and enjoyable game to play.

Little Big Snake
Little Big Snake
Developer: Shockwave LLC
Price: Free

Snake Rivals

The graphics of this game is the best part. Eat more apples to grow the snake.

Snake Rivals
Snake Rivals
Developer: Supersolid
Price: Free

Slither io Unblocked

The website is easily accessible. If it is blocked in your area, office, or in your college. Then you can unblock the slitherio by using a free VPN like Psiphon, Hola VPN, or by using any free google chrome VPN extension.

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These are some frequently asked questions on this topic. You can read this If you have any questions in your mind.

Is slitherio safe?

Ans. Yes, It is a safe website. It has over 100 million downloads on Google Play Store.

How to Customize the Slither Look?

Ans. If you are playing on the web browser then, click on the change skin button. Now, click on build a slither. In this option, you can customize it according to your choice.

Is it free to play?

Ans. Yes, It is free to play the game on this website. You can also play it on your phone by downloading the app. But the free version comes with the ad.

How to grow the snake longer quickly

Ans. Consume nearby pellets and then run the snake faster to defeat other players and then consume them.

Slither io is running slow in my PC. How to run this game faster?

Ans. At the top right side of the screen, you can see the option of high quality. Click on that option one time to set the graphics at low quality. The game speed also depends on your system specification, browser, and other things. You can make it a little bit faster up to some extent by using a browser like Google Chrome and closing some unwanted background running applications.


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