Top 3 Best Strategies to Retain Customers in a Fencing Company


Starting any company in any field requires a lot of processes, and several important factors are essential for the success of the company. One such important aspect of every successful company is the ability to get customers to patronize the business. Customers are considered one of the most important aspects of any company because the reason a small business is created is to serve customers, and if the business cannot get new customers, then the company is as good as dead.

Although when the topic of customer relationships is discussed in any business, more emphasis is placed on getting new customers. But aside from attracting new customers, another aspect that is equally as important, if not more so, is customer retention. Retaining customers is a very important factor for the success of every company, but it can prove to be a bit of a challenge sometimes.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to not only get new customers but, more importantly, retain customers and turn them into recurring clients for a fencing company.

What is the Fencing Business?


The fencing business is a highly valued sector of the construction industry with equally high-profit realization potentials. The fencing business involves the installation of fences in-home apartments, office buildings, etc. As a fencing contractor, the job requires that the contractor possess a lot of physical strength because some of the fencing apparatus required to get the job done is heavy and would therefore require physical strength.

The fencing business is part of the booming construction industry that has been on a continuous rise in recent statistics. More clients require fencing contracts, especially with a rise in the demand for home renovation and remodeling in the United States. There has been an increase in the demand for home renovation and remodeling in the United States with about 55% remodeling a part of their home in the past year according to reports by House Method.

As a result, there is a significant demand in the market for fencing contractors all over. However, as much as there is an increase in demand in the market for home renovation and remodeling, there has also been a significant increase in the number of fencing contractors available. This increase in fencing contractors available has led to steep competition for client acquisition for most contractors.

According to reports, in the United States alone, there are over 53,953 fencing companies available, which is a lot of competition for any fencing company to stand out from the crowd. Fencing contractors have to focus on increasing customer acquisition and retention efforts to stand out from the competition and claim a piece of the market share.

Why Customer Retention is Important?

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One of the major reasons why people start up companies or small businesses is to be able to provide services or solutions to their clients and customers. Companies are saddled with the responsibility of providing quality services while satisfying customers. Customer retention is highly important in this sense because it is one of the fastest ways to grow any business organically.

Putting strategic customer retention methods in place can help any business not only get new customers but, more importantly, convert them into loyal and recurring customers. Now, in the fencing company, customers can serve as evangelists of your company to others. This is called “word-of-mouth advertising” and it is the most effective form of marketing.

Focusing on customer retention through providing strategic and satisfactory services can get the customer not only satisfied with the job but also emotionally attached to the company. When customers become attached to a company, they automatically become evangelists for it, providing free and effective advertising for it. This could result in the customers talking about the services of that company to their friends, colleagues, family, acquaintances, etc. for referrals to the company.

Due to the impact that this can have on the growth of any company, customer retention strategies are highly recommended.

Challenges of Retaining Customers in a Fencing Company


Generally, in the construction industry, getting recurring customers can be a bit of a challenge due to the nature of the work. As a fencing company, getting clients to come back for a service can be challenging because the job involves fence installations, supplying fencing materials or labor hiring, etc., depending on the niche the company is focused on in the fencing niche. These jobs are mostly one-time jobs depending on the type of contract and could involve fencing installation in homes or office buildings, farms, supplying fencing materials, etc., so the tendency of servicing one client more than once is quite low, unless it’s a contract with a corporate body that will still need more of the fencing services.

Also, the competition in the fencing industry is quite high, especially in the United States. There are several fencing companies registered in the United States offering almost similar services. As a result, a fencing company standing out from the crowd becomes a challenge. This could, however, be done by adopting customer retention strategies into the business model to increase the chances of getting and retaining clients as either recurring clients or the company’s evangelists.

How to Get your Fencing Company to Stand out and Retain Customers


As stated earlier, getting new clients is important and can be a bit challenging, especially in the fencing industry with lots of competition. However, one of the best ways to overcome this and start getting lots of clients as a company without spending much on advertising costs is by applying customer retention strategies to the business model.

Here are some ways to get your fencing company to retain more customers

Deliver professional services

The quality of a company’s services helps the company stand out when compared to other companies. The importance of quality and professional services can not be overemphasized in the success of any business. As a fencing company, it is best to focus on delivering excellent work in services that will be satisfactory to the clients. Every client loves to get quality service for their money, and so focusing on delivering the most professional and quality service in the best way possible can help the fencing company stand out from the rest and turn the clients from just customers into retainers.

Have a strong business team

The strength of every business lies in the quality of its team. It is very essential to consciously focus on hiring the most needed to deliver a quality and satisfactory job. Fencing companies usually require hiring laborers with different skills, such as fencing installation, masonry, etc. If everyone in the team is focused on delivering the best of services and is dedicated to setting the company apart, it will also be reflective of the quality of work delivered.

Get to know your clients

It is essential to note that your customers are humans too, and as such like to socialize with others. Most of the time, fencing contractors are usually very focused on landing the contract, delivering the job, and receiving payment without wanting to connect with the customer. A proven way to retain customers is by getting to know them and interacting with them. Interacting with your clients and getting to know them is one of the best ways to not only show that the company cares about each client, but also get them hooked on the company.

Anticipate your client’s needs

In the course of getting to know your clients, it can give you an insight into the client’s preferences, choice of work, or plans for the project. With this knowledge, you can anticipate their needs beforehand and make provisions for them even before they ask. This act goes a long way to assure the client that the company is interested in their optimum satisfaction and, in turn, builds trust in the company.

Focus on your niche and expand

It is way easier to stand out from the crowd and get your target customers if the brand is focused on a niche. With the high competition in the fencing industry, generalizing can be tough to get clients, but focusing on a niche makes it easier to get more clients that need services in that area. The more your brand is known for quality work in a niche, the higher the chances of getting retainer clients and being referred by customers to new clients needing similar services.

Build a reputable brand

As the popular adage goes, “a good name is better than silver and gold”. The fencing industry is highly dependent on building customer trust. One of the best ways of achieving this is by building and maintaining a reputable brand. A reputable brand name can speak for itself when mentioned to others rather than keeping a bad record or bad name.

Although achieving these points stated above and keeping track of everything can be a bit tricky, it can be solved using a fencing app that can help fencing contractors to keep tabs on running their business, including client bookings and accounting, in one space.


The fencing industry is becoming more popular due to the high revenue generated and its high profit-making potential. As a result, getting jobs in the space is gradually becoming even more competitive with new fencing companies registered regularly. Now more than ever, it has become very essential for fencing companies to focus on customer retention to stand out and set themselves apart from the crowd.