The Most Popular Video Game Genres That Players Choose

Most Popular Video Game

Colorful video games are created for different devices. Each user can mark his personal rating of popular genres, which depends on individual preferences. Many of them are only suitable for certain platforms. The main ones among which can be highlighted:

  1. PC.
  2. Xbox.
  3. Game console.
  4. Nintendo Switch.
  5. Mobile devices.

Almost all currently released video games are available on one or several of these types of hardware. They are even often released on all platforms, although this depends on the developer. Mobile games have experienced the biggest boom for several years, because these small devices have more and more processing power, and this power is what determines whether a given game can be run on this hardware. For example, various sports simulators are used more on game consoles, where you can play with a joystick. And card games or arcades will be a great option for mobile or PC.

Famous Genres for PC

Famous Genres for PC

Today, there are many different video games that you can install on your personal computer. And based on the download ratings on different sites, it is possible to note such genres:

Genre Features
RPGs (role-playing games) Allow users to become the main character and fight together or against other characters.
Shooters There are many shooter games that offer real war, alternate history or other battles.
Strategies Games are suitable for people who want to collect all the necessary pieces to reach the end.

There are also other genres of colorful games with a fascinating video plot. But these are the most popular among users who play only on PC.

Games for Different Devices

Games for Different Devices

Modern technology does not stand still and game software developers regularly provide new products. Video games can be optimized for different devices. For example, you can find different games at staycasino slots, which are available both in the PC version and via smartphone.

All popular video games can be divided into such groups:

  1. Time killers – these can be puzzles, jigsaws.
  2. Simulation games – racing, sports games and others.
  3. Card games.

There are many varieties for each of these options. It’s hard to name the exact number of possible video games. But such a large range will allow you to find the best option. You can always choose a game on your own or you can use ready-made reviews from popular personalities. For example, the blogger Max Bet regularly provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the real reviews of video games. In this way, you can find out in advance what to expect from the game.

Popular Games

Games that are suitable for different platforms are very diverse. But there are still genres that remain the same and are very popular for a long time in the free spins casino online. They include:

  1. Solitaire – despite the variety of card games, this is the one that is in great demand. Users can play in the browser version or install the application on your gadget.
  2. Medieval Games – these video games allow you to fight with swords, ride horses and go to war against entire clans.
  3. Massively multiplayer online games are very popular because they allow you to gather a few users in the game at once. There are many subtypes of this genre.

All these and other games will be a great option for fun. They may differ in video images that will give you the opportunity to plunge into the game world.

Famous Video Game Manufacturers

game world

There are many teams that work carefully to create quality video games. And only a few have managed to gain the trust of users. Their products are known all over the world and all users can appreciate them. You can learn more about video game development from Wikipedia.

Let’s take a closer look at each famous video game developer.


A British company develops and publishes video games. GTA is still in high demand. It seems that this game will sell well forever. GTA Online, which is constantly being joined by new players, deserves a lot of merit for this. The developer decided to create its game as a service and immediately made it to the highest level, becoming a benchmark for other companies.



The Japanese corporation has been well-known since the days of the game consoles “Dandy”. The game Super Mario Bros. brought great popularity to the brand, and gathered millions of fans around it. Each subsequent Nintendo product is always a big event. Super Mario Odyssey, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild or Super Smash Bros proves it.

Blizzard Entertainment

This is a company that started modestly in its history. The first products were the usual races for the SEGA console. The game World of Warcraft brought great popularity. And even despite the delays in the release dates of video games, all the fans are looking forward to new products of this company.


The corporation of international level has more than a thousand video games, which are known all over the world. Players have paid special attention to the sports simulators FIFA and NBA. There are even different tournaments on these games, where everyone can compete for valuable prizes. Due to its reputation, each product presented is in great demand upon release.


The biggest company that is famous for such games as Mega Man, Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Street Fighter, Lost Planet. Every player has tried one of these video games at least once. Nowadays, the company has some financial difficulties, but they are not dropping down the list of the best.