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Today I am sharing some earning tips with you that help you to earn good money by working from home. I am doing this work for the last six years. I know what things will work and which one is not. Work from home jobs is useful for saving time as well as earning a good income.

I will tell you everything in brief. So read everything. This post is long if you do not have time to read, you can bookmark the URL or save the URL of this page. So, Without wasting any time Here is the list of work from home jobs.

Work From Home Jobs

This list comprises 30 best work from home jobs that anyone can do from home. If you choose to work in any of these categories, you will earn good money, it depends on your work and efforts. You need to work smartly.


work from home jobs

1. Content Writing

Content writing is one of the excellent work from home jobs. If you have good writing skills, you can earn a handsome amount of money working 3-4 hours a day. My friend does this as part-time work, and he makes between $600-1000 per month. He used to get his work from Fiverr and freelancer.

Websites Where you can get Content writing work

  • Fiverr
  • Freelancer
  • Upwork
  • Articoolo

There are many websites that pay you for writing good content on their website. You can find a niche (category) in which you have an interest. Suppose If you have an interest in Technology, Science, Sports, etc. you can select the category and then email the website content team that you are interested in writing content on their website.

Almost every website have criteria like Good writing skills, no grammatical mistakes, 1000 above words content, No copy and paste work, etc.

So, How much they pay for writing content? Well, Every website has a different payment structure. Mostly it ranges from $5-40 per content depending on the writing skills.

2. Youtube

If you are good at making videos, then youtube is an excellent platform for earning a good amount of money. Youtuber earnings range from 0-18 million dollars. PewDiePie, He is a famous and most subscribed individual Youtuber, earns approximately 8-14 million dollars per annum.

There are many ways to earn from youtube, such as sponsorship, product promotion, Adsense, affiliate marketing, etc.

You need at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch minutes for showing ads on your videos to earn money. This is the Youtube Monetization criteria for all new publishers. But don’t worry if your one video goes viral, you will quickly get 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch time.

Some commonly asked questions by beginners such as how much youtube pay for 1000 views? How much I earn from 100000 views? It depends on your viewer’s location if your videos are mostly watched in the USA then you can earn between $2-$15 or even more per 1000 views.

If your majority of viewers are from English-speaking developed countries such as the UK, Australia,  Canada, New Zealand, etc, then your earning will be between $2-$16 or even more. But in countries such as India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc. you can earn $0.2-$2.5 or even more per 1000 views.

This earning reports I observe on my youtube channel for different locations.

All your payment will be sent to your bank account. You need to start your work, create new content, and stay patient. Some tips – Create contents that viewer wants to view, something new something different, don’t violate youtube guidelines that’s it.

3. Instagram

If you have a good followers base. You can earn a good amount of money from Instagram. What you need to do is create an Instagram business account and start posting your work. Select a particular topic/niche in which you can do your work. Categories such as photography page, Quotes, Funny memes, News posting, etc.

Some commonly asked questions – How much I can earn from Instagram? How much I can earn from 1 million followers’ Instagram account? So, the answer is It mainly depends on your Instagram niche because Instagram does not have any monetization features like on youtube.

In these ways, you can earn money from an Instagram account.

  • Sponsored Posts
  • Website Promotion
  • Business Promotion
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sell your photos and videos

If you have a targeted audience and you focus on a particular niche then companies will approach you to share their brand name and products. For an Instagram account that has 1 million followers, they may charge between $500-$3500 per post or even more.

Social media nowadays is really a great source of earning a good income which you should try. These are the best work from home jobs. You can read the complete information and earning ways from Instagram here.

4. Facebook

Do you have a Facebook page of over 50,000 likes? If yes, then it’s pretty much easy to earn from Facebook but for earning a good amount your page should have at least 1,000,000 – 10 million likes.

Ways to earn from Facebook

  • Facebook Video Monetization
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Selling Your Products
  • Promoting Website Links

Facebook has also launched its video monetization for its video creator. You can also become a video creator just make a Facebook account and create a page then start publishing your videos. If your videos generate good views you will be paid for that. Facebook will show ads on your videos.

Another method of earning is sponsored posts. Have you see pages like 9gag, laughing colors, La Foka, RVCJ, etc All of these pages have over 10 million likes on their Facebook page.

Many times they promote companies in their photo and video posts. The sponsored post is the best way of making money from the Facebook page.

You can also share your website’s latest posts on your Facebook page.

If you have a business, you can sell your products by promoting it on your Facebook page.

5. Fiverr

Fiverr is a great platform if you looking for work from home jobs. You have to create your gigs and write about yourself, your skills, type of job you are looking for, etc. Suppose if you write content writing in your skills. So, companies who are looking for a content writer may hire you to write for them.

Many individuals earn handsomely working from home. You should try Fiverr if you are looking for work from home jobs. You can find many home-based jobs such as content writing, graphic designing, coding (c, c++, python, and many more),  logo designers, etc.

6. Freelancer

Freelancer is another great platform if you are looking for work from home jobs. Income in this job is high. Here’s a new job post in every single minute. How to start and make money on freelancer?

The first step is to sign up and make an account on a freelancer. After that write a stunning bio about your skills. Select a particular category in which you have knowledge and skills to work on.

After when your profile setup is completed. Browse Jobs, read the company’s demand and skills then start your bidding. It is one of the best work from home jobs in the USA.

Some Tips

  • Bidding less than others If you are a beginner.
  • Write in brief for that bid how you do the work and what time will you take.
  • Write your skills in your bio.

7. Dailymotion

Dailymotion is a video-sharing website similar to youtube. You can upload your videos and earn money from ads displayed on your videos. Dailymotion provides video monetization for its content creators.

How much money does Dailymotion pay for 1000 views? Well, It depends on many factors like your country, the total number of times ad display, your content niche, etc. The best thing that I like is you do not need to spend any money. It is free for everyone to start and monetize the content.

8. Online Surveys Work from home jobs

In online surveys, You have to complete some surveys by giving your opinion about the service, product, sales, customer support, pros, and cons, etc about the company.

For completing the survey you will get paid. Income in this job is low. You can search for online survey companies and start making money. Google opinion rewards is a trusted app for online surveys that you can try.

Every company has a different survey and payout process. Most of the online surveys are fake. Only a Few are genuine companies and I personly like Google opinion rewards for surveys.

Check these 8 best paying surveys website.

9. Blogging

Blogging is a good source of income. If your blog generates good traffic then there are so many ways to earn from a blog. It is one of the best work from home jobs and be your own boss.

The main difficulty is many individuals lose their hope and motivation for earning money because they thought they would earn in lakhs within a few months. But that, not the case in blogging, Sure in youtube your one video goes viral and your subscribers will increase.

But in blogging, you have to take care of many things like SEO, website optimization, keyword analysis, etc. It is not easy to rank on google 1st page for a new website. Things like domain authority, page authority, backlinks matter for ranking a website on top pages.

How do I start blogging? You can use to start your blog but If your goal is to make money I will suggest you buy a domain name and hosting from any companies like Bluehost. After that Install WordPress on your website and get started.

Sources of Income (Blogging)

  • Sponsored posts
  • Advertisement
  • Product promotion
  • Affiliate marketing

10. Sell Photos

There is always a demand for good photographers. If you have well-captured photos that are unique or have a huge demand in the market.

You can sell these photos and easily earn a good amount of money. Your earnings will depend on your photography skills. You can earn up to $1-$100 or even more if your photo is outstanding.

Websites where you can sell your photos

  • Shutterstock
  • Alamy
  • Istock photo
  • Photoshelter
  • Fotolia
  • 500px

11. Domain Auction

I will tell you how you can earn good money by purchasing and selling domain names.

Suppose you buy a good domain name that can be rarely available. After purchasing this type of domain you can sell them in a domain auction. If the price for buying the domain name is $10 and you sell the domain name for $500. Your net profit is $490. Facebook pays $8.5 million dollars for the domain name, therefore, domain parking is any day a good option for earning money.

Selling domain names at a high price is not easy and sometimes it remains unsold. So In this type of case, you may face loss.

Some tips for buying and selling the domain name

  • Your domain name is the most important thing
  • Your domain name should be between 3-8 words
  • The domain name should be easy to remember
  • Commonly used in daily life or other related activities
  • sounds appealing

12. Home Tutor

You can become a tutor in your specialized subject and teach students at your home. This profession is one of the best work from home jobs. You can earn good money depending upon how many students come to you for classes. You can post an online ad on Olx for getting more students.

13. Online Education Tutorial Videos

Online education is growing rapidly. Therefore It is the right place for you if you are a teacher and want to make tutorial videos on your particular subjects. There are various platforms where you can publish your tutorial videos. One of the best platforms is youtube where you will get paid for your work.

You can also start your education website and hire people. You can sell your education video tutorials and earn money from home.

14. Udemy

Udemy is a famous educational website where thousands of instructors making tutorials and teaching students online. Suppose If you are a programmer, you can make programming tutorial videos and make money from it by selling the course. You can make videos on any of your well-known skills in which you have the confidence to teach a large audience(students) online.

15. Unacademy

Unacademy is another best educational platform based in India. On this platform, most of the video tutorial is related to government Job exam preparation, UPSC, SSC, Banking, etc.

16. SEO Expert

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is used for ranking websites on top pages of different search engines. Websites that rank on google 1st page for a particular keyword earn a good amount of money depending upon traffic and CPC (cost per click for the ad) of the keyword.

A good SEO expert earns a good amount of money. Many big companies hire SEO experts for ranking their websites on the 1st page of Google. It is one of the best work from home jobs.

If you are an SEO expert. You can start your own business by starting a website and earn money by selling your digital marketing course or direct advertising banners.

17. Investment

You can become an investor. For this, you have to work smart. There is a wide variety of investment list such as you can invest in mutual funds, real estate, foreign exchange, bitcoins, startups, gold, etc.

You can invest money in a startup to get a good return. Before investing any money be sure that startup must have a future plan and have a hard-working team. Not all startups succeed. So, check yourself and then do it accordingly.

Investment in real estate – Property rate changes from place to place. So, Invest in that type of location where the government is thinking to start a project on a large scale like building hospitals, highways, apartments, etc. Investing in such a place, you will get maximum profit within a short period of time.

18. Fixed Deposit

If you have a big amount of money you can fixed deposit it to your bank to make more money from it. How fixed deposit work?

Every bank has different interest rates that vary with the time period. Some banks have a fixed deposit for 3 months have an interest rate of 6.5%, 2 years have an interest rate of 7.5%, etc. I am from India and my bank gives me a 7.5% interest rate when I deposit a fixed amount of money for 2 years.

For Example –  Suppose your bank gives you an interest rate of 7.5% and you deposit an amount of 50 lakh rupees in FD for a period of two years. After the two years, you will get 7.5 lakh rupees  (around $11,000) without working.

19. Graphic and Logo Designing

If you are good in graphic designing using photoshop to give an appealing look. There are many companies which you can find easily who can give you a project like this. Skills that needed to be a good graphic designer, website designer, and logo designer.

Skills that you need to learn

  • Photoshop, CorelDRAW and other related software
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Blender (optional)

20. Photographer

You can sell your high quality best photos to companies. Many companies are looking to buy photographs that are captured by a professional photographer. If you have a good collection of photos you can sell them by working from home.

You can directly contact the companies that urgently require photographs. After clicking photos according to their need you can send it from your home. Companies will take copyright of those photos and in return, they will give you money.

21. Data entry Jobs

In this job, You have to simply enter the data in MS Excel, MS Word. You do not require any specific skills to do this job. If you know how to enter data in excel, word, etc. You can easily do this type of job from your home. You can get this type of job from a freelancer.

Don’t pay a single penny if someone asks for any security money. They are mostly frauds.

22. Property Dealer

Real estate is a good option for making money. Not all property dealers earn a good amount of money. The property dealer’s job is to sell the property at the price in which both sides agree. They act as a median between selling and purchasing parties and earn money by the commission.

Sources of Income

  • They buy a property and sell at the time when the price of the property is at the peak
  • Lease the property
  • Giving the property on rent

23. Website Development

This is the most demanded job in the modern generation and will grow in the future also. Everything today is done by using the internet. Big companies like Google, Youtube, Facebook, Amazon, etc. are based on the Internet.

Website development has a good scope and It is one of the best work from home jobs. You can develop websites or pages for companies. You can start your own business if you have a good web development skills.

Skills that you need

  • HTML, CSS (for front end)
  • Javascript
  • Any programming language for backend like python etc

Income Sources

  • Earn money by writing Codes for companies from your home
  • Develop websites for your client and earn money
  • Offer different web development services to your clients
  • Sell web development course

24. Coding

A good Programmer can easily earn money from home by working for different companies. Many programmers like to do work from their home but in MNC you have a fixed time of a 9-5 job. If you don’t want this type of job and looking for work from home jobs then You are in the right place.

You should try for a startup because they pay well and you will learn new things which will boost your knowledge. Many startups offer an opportunity to work from home for their coding field (programmers) employee.

25. Bug Bounty

If you are good at hacking websites and finding the vulnerability then you should take part in bug bounty programs. There are many websites that will pay you if you find any bug on their website. For more, you can visit the HackerOne website for the bug bounty program. Companies like Facebook, Google, etc pay handsome money for finding a bug.

26. Cyber Expert

Cyber expert is a good profession for starting your career and also good for work from home jobs. Many big websites (who have good Alexa rank under 50k) hire the cyber expert who can either work from home or work in the office. Not all companies offer you work from home options.

So, You can choose only that company which has the option for work from home if you are not comfortable with going to the office. How much cybersecurity expert earns? Well, It totally depends on your skills. If you have good knowledge you can earn between $30,000 – $150,000 easily.

27. Publish Your Android App on Playstore

Do you like programming? Start your career in android app development. It is the best work from home jobs in this entire list. There are thousands of Android app publishers on play store who are earning a good amount of money. You can publish your app on play store for that Google charges $25. You can use Admob to display ads on your app and earn money.

Sources of Income

  • Admob
  • Video advertising
  • Selling premium version of your app (Paid version with extra features)

28. Affiliate Marketing

If I have to rank this earning method. I will rank it 2nd best in this entire list after android app development. Why so? Because it is a great source of income.

Have you heard the name of pat Flynn? If no, I will give a small summary of him. He earns more than $70,000 per month from affiliate marketing. That’s a huge amount.

How to start making money from affiliate marketing? For starting affiliate marketing you need any one of these Facebook pages, Instagram page, Youtube channel, or a Website.

If you have a Facebook page you can start promoting affiliate links. Select only those products for affiliate marketing which are based on your niche. If you have an Instagram account or youtube channel you can share your affiliate links by reviewing any specific product and put their link in the description.

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs

  • Amazon
  • ShareASale
  • eBay
  • CJ

29. Travel Agent

Travel agent work is to arrange a trip package for their customers that include hotel accommodations, transportation (By flight, Rail, or by vehicle). A Travel agent earns good money depending on the numbers of customers he deals in a month.

For starting your career in this profession, Register your business name, and get a business license that represents your business, company name, and other related things.

If you are a travel blogger then you can start earning money from travel related affiliate marketing links.

Some best Travel affiliate programs


30. Car Dealer

You may require an investment of money for becoming a car dealer. Many people earning a good income from this profession.

A car dealer can earn money by buying and selling cars, commission for selling a car through his referral, opening a car showroom, Selling used and unused cars, etc. For starting this career you need to invest and work smartly. You have to obtain a car dealer license.

You can use OLX, Quickr, etc to post a free ad for selling a car. It will give a boost to your sales.

Work From Home Jobs as a Career?

Almost all of this work from home jobs are free to start and you do not even need to pay a penny. As part-time work, it is a great source of earning money. Many individuals do it as a full-time job and they are earning between $500-$10,000+.

If you already working in some MNC or startups. You can do this as part-time work or as a hobby for some extra income.


So, These are the 30 best work from home jobs – The Definitive Guide For Earning Good Income. If you do not want to spend a single penny then you must try with these jobs content writer, Data entry jobs, Freelancer, Online surveys, home tutor, Became an instructor on Udemy, running an Instagram page, Youtube channel, Dailymotion, Facebook page, SEO,  sell photos.

If you can invest money then these are also good jobs – Publish android apps on the play store, Domain buys and sell, Blogging, fixed deposit, a property dealer, car dealer. You can share your earning techniques and feedback in the comment section.

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