6 Cool Outdoor Activities Around The Great Smoky Mountains You Must Try

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Are you longing for a vacation that transcends the ordinary? Craving a thrilling escape that pushes you out of your comfort zone? Look no further than the awe-inspiring Great Smoky Mountains!

The Great Smoky Mountain area stands proudly as one of the most renowned tourist destinations in the United States. Its fame is not without reason, as these stunning landscapes are blessed with spectacular beauty and abundant recreational wonders. With its enchanting trio of towns – Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, and Sevierville, the Great Smoky Mountains invites you to an unforgettable journey where adrenaline-pumping adventures intertwine with breathtaking vistas.

This summer, make it your top priority to venture into these majestic highlands, where you can explore thrilling outdoor activities that will get your heart racing and leave you with unforgettable memories. Read on to discover some of the coolest outdoor activities around the Great Smoky Mountains that you must try on your next visit to this majestic tourist haven.

1. Conquer the Rapids with White Water Rafting

Conquer the Rapids with White Water Rafting
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When scorching summer temperatures leave you yearning for respite, there’s no better way to beat the heat than by plunging into an exhilarating white water rafting experience. Brace yourself for an exciting ride down the mighty Pigeon River, where the roaring rapids, ranging from class one to four, will ignite your spirit and keep you captivated throughout the adventure. If you are with kids, the lower river is perfect for white water rafting for families, and for adventure seekers, the upper river is the ideal spot. Each spot promises a unique dose of excitement and unforgettable experiences.

Satisfy your craving for an adventure of a lifetime as you raft through the enormous waves, maneuver through the wild streams, and playfully bounce off the rugged rocks. Around the Pigeon River, you’ll discover many reputable companies offering guided rafting tours catering to seasoned adventurers and beginners seeking a taste of adrenaline-fueled bliss. On top of that, you can engage in a myriad of other activities that extend beyond the river’s edge.

2. Surrender to the Tranquility of the Great Smoky Mountain Wilderness

great smoky mountain
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The beautiful Great Smoky Mountain area provides a sanctuary for those seeking solace from the hustle and bustle of city life. This captivating destination welcomes visitors with its unrivaled beauty and offers an immersive encounter with nature in all its splendor. With over 800 miles of picturesque trails, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park unveils a paradise for avid hikers and allows them to experience the adventure of climbing mountaintops while witnessing its majestic landscapes.

As you traverse these trails, you can revel in the breathtaking vistas and cascading waterfalls and get a chance to encounter the park’s diverse wildlife. From the regal black bears to the graceful elk and white-tailed deer, the park is a sanctuary where the wonders of the animal kingdom roam freely, reminding us of the profound beauty and interconnectedness of all living beings.

3. Experience the Thrill of Ziplining

Thrill of Ziplining
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If you yearn to defy gravity and immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring vistas of the Great Smoky Mountains, make ziplining an absolute must-do on your vacation this summer. This majestic mountain range offers zipline tours catering to beginners and seasoned adventurers.

As you glide through the air, suspended between towering trees, you will feel an exhilarating adrenaline coursing through your veins, satisfying the adventurer inside you. Feel the wind caress your face and witness nature’s beauty unfurl before your eyes. The Great Smoky Mountains will reveal their breathtaking allure, granting you panoramic views of lush forests and majestic mountain ranges.

4. Embark on an Epic Mountain Biking Adventure

Epic Mountain Biking Adventure
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If you want to experience the thrill of two wheels on the rugged terrain of the Smokies, then mountain biking is a must-try outdoor activity. The Great Smoky Mountains feature trails that cater to bikers of all skill levels. From leisurely rides through picturesque valleys to heart-pumping descents that test your nerves, these trails offer an adventure that perfectly matches your unyielding passion and suits your preferences.

Mountain biking provides a stimulating experience and allows you to bask in breathtaking outdoor vistas. As you take sharp turns and ride along the bumpy trails, pause and witness the stunning views surrounding you. You will find plenty of trails where biking is permitted. You can also explore the Cades Cove Loop Road, where cars are restricted on Wednesdays and Saturdays during peak summer months. There are also a variety of attractions dedicated to biking in and around Pigeon Forge, Sevierville, and Gatlinburg.

5. Tee Off on a Mini Golf Adventure

Go on a mini golf adventure, where you can test your skills and aim to sink that perfect shot into the hole. With many golf courses across Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, and Sevierville, particularly mini-golf courses, you can have a great time packed with endless entertainment with the entire family.

Mini-golf courses around the Great Smoky Mountains are crafted to engage players of all ages and abilities, ensuring everyone can participate in the game together, sharing moments of laughter and friendly competition.

6. Experience the Magic of Camping in the Great Smoky Mountains

Magic of Camping in the Great Smoky Mountains
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The Great Smoky Mountains provide an amazing opportunity to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of city life, soak in the simplicity of wilderness, and rediscover Mother Nature. Experience the thrill of camping in the Smokies and immerse yourself in the natural wonders of these splendid highlands as you spend a night under a canopy of twinkling stars.

The Great Smoky Mountains features many campgrounds and dedicated camping areas, with parking slots for RVs to set up your camp and enjoy camping with your friends and family. Imagine spending a night in the open skies listening to wild crickets and waking up to the gentle sounds of nature and the alluring fragrance of wildflowers and lush green surroundings. Roast marshmallows over a crackling campfire and relish the simplicity and tranquility of outdoor living.

Whether you choose a front-country campground with convenient amenities or venture deeper into the backcountry for a more thrilling experience, the beauty of this untouched and unspoiled environment will captivate your senses and leave an everlasting stamp on your memories.

7. Wrapping Up

gsm wrapping
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Many cool outdoor activities around the Great Smoky Mountains cater to every adventurer’s taste. From family-friendly outdoor attractions to spine-tingling adventures, the Smokies promise an experience for tourists of all ages. If you want to enjoy your trip to the fullest, book your accommodations beforehand and buy tickets for your favorite outdoor attractions.