These Are 7 Most Interesting Things To Do In Birmingham – Must-See Places


Birmingham is one of the best places to go to if you are looking for fun in the United Kingdom. Birmingham’s popularity levels have been sky-high during the past few years and the city’s whole perspective changed in 2014, when it became the 4th most popular city in the country, amongst foreigners.

This has encouraged the city to evolve significantly in terms of industry and entertainment. Currently, Birmingham is still one of the most popular cities in the country. The city’s history and cultural heritage are some of the greatest that the UK has to offer. Furthermore, Birmingham is a city that feels alive during the day and night.

For tourists, there are a lot of places to visit and plenty of fun things to do. Also, the city’s economy is prospering thanks to its kindness towards locals. Even as a local, there are a lot of experiences that you might want to find interesting in Birmingham.

The Greatest Experiences That Tourists and Locals Must Try In Birmingham

Exploring the vibrant city of Birmingham offers a multitude of fascinating experiences. From its rich industrial heritage to its energetic and vast cultural scene, there is something for everyone to enjoy, from locals to tourists. Here are some of the most interesting things to do in Birmingham, as a tourist or even as a local:

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1. Visit the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery – once you decide to start exploring the city’s historical and cultural heritage, you can start your journey at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.

With a very complex and diverse collection of art, including the renowned Staffordshire Hoard and the Pre-Raphaelite masterpieces, this museum sets the tone for your trip by offering a captivating glimpse into the city’s cultural heritage.

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

2. Explore Cadbury World – if you are into sweets and candy, you might want to try visiting Cadbury World, the famous chocolate factory. There, you can create your chocolate treats, learn more about how some of the world’s finest chocolate products are made, and even buy some souvenirs for those at home.

Explore Cadbury World

3. Take a stroll through the Jewellery Quarter – a long walk through the historic Jewellery Quarter, a part of the city that is famous for craftsmanship and creativity, will have you understand Birmingham a lot better.

Do not be afraid to have a look at the skilled artisans who are always busy creating beautiful and very expensive jewelry in their workshops. There is also a museum around the area, called the Museum of the Jewellery Quarter. Visit it to learn more about the area’s long and fascinating history.

Take a stroll through the Jewellery Quarter

4. Go to a football game – England is the country where football was invented. Football is all over in the country and the city of Birmingham makes no exception. Moreover, there are two huge football clubs in the city, both of them playing on some wonderful grounds.

Aston Villa FC is the most important of the two clubs, having won the First Division of English football no less than 7 times. “The Villans” also won the European Cup back in 1982. Speaking of European football, they qualified for the 2024-2024 season of the Europa Conference League.

Birmingham City FC, on the other hand, is a far less successful club. They play their home games at St Andrew’s Stadium, unlike Villa whose home ground is the Villa Park. However, Birmingham City FC is very popular around the city and a ticket to a game at the St Andrew’s is cheaper and easier to find than one for an Aston Villa game.

football game

5. Visit the Birmingham Botanical Gardens – since it’s the UK’s second biggest city, there is no wonder that Birmingham is crowded. There are plenty of people and cars circulating the city, and at some point, you might feel the need to have a breath of fresh air.

Escape the tumultuous area of the city and find some peace at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. The gardens are spread across 15 acres and they hold an impressive collection of plants from all over the world.

Take your time and enjoy a lengthy walk. Savour every wonderful smell and make sure to rest for a bit. Have some deep breaths and get ready for the next experience.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens

6. Visit the Thinktank Science Museum – our next suggestion for you is to pay a visit to the Thinktank Science Museum. This is where you can find interactive exhibits and even hands-on experiments that will bring science and technology to life.

The Thinktank Science Museum is the place where you can explore outer space and even delve into the human body. Regardless of your age and passions, this museum offers a very fun and educational experience.

Thinktank Science Museum

7. Experience the Library of Birmingham – this is one of the most impressive buildings that you will find around the area. The architecture is enough to make the library worth a visit, but what’s inside is also of great value. You can find some of the rarest books in the UK.

There are also events that you can try and exhibitions that you can check. Furthermore, once you reach the rooftop terrace you can enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of the city.

Experience the Library of Birmingham


In conclusion, Birmingham has a lot to offer to both its locals and tourists. There is a wealth of captivating experiences throughout the city, for everyone interested in sports, art, history, or science.

There are also many other great buildings, parks, and restaurants that you can see or visit in Birmingham. Therefore, exploring the UK’s second-largest city promises to be a fantastic and memorable adventure.