Cloud Computing and Education: Basic Facts you Should Know

Cloud Computing and Education

Nowadays, education is not limited to the usage of books, libraries, and notebooks. Modern education can be provided online, and children can learn without being present in the classroom. One of the modern technologies used in universities and schools is cloud computing for education.

You may not even know that your or the educational system of your child is based on the educational cloud services. That is why in this article, we will tell you what cloud computing is and what are the benefits of implementing the technology in the educational system.

How Does Cloud Computing in Education Manifest Itself?

Yes, you may see the manifestation of cloud computing in education every day. but you simply may not understand it. Nowadays, about 80% of educational institutions use learning management systems to make the educational process more productive and with an inclination towards technology.

How Does Cloud Computing in Education Manifest Itself

Cloud computing is also used in business to let workers cooperate and get quick access to new data instantly. In general, cloud computing allows for the quick connection of various users in no time. The technology also allows the saving of big quantities of information without additional payment.

The system allows access to shared information, like texts, apps, and educational tools. This way, the teacher can interact with all the students simultaneously, and no one will be left behind. It is the revolutionary method of teaching and learning that proves that humanity uses technology at a new level.

How Do Students Get Access to the Cloud for Education?

Students Get Access to the Cloud for Education

Cloud computing may seem like a complex system that is hard to access. However, it is not true. Basically, it is a simple network that connects all the users (students). It connects the software and servers used for the operation of the system. The user can get access to the same resource of information using different devices. For example, you can reach your email, YouTube account, or Google Documents from any device if you type your email or phone number in.

The cloud system is made of all the computers connected to it. That is why you can be connected to the cloud computing system if you have a computer, laptop, or mobile phone. That is how all the students become part of the Cloud system. Your teacher is the one who controls the resources you get.

How Can Cloud Computing Education be Useful?

Cloud computing is used in various spheres, but the trend spread to educational institutions a long time ago. That is why now we will tell you what the benefits of the cloud in education are and how students use it every day.

Common Space

Common Space

First of all, the cloud puts students in a common space where they can communicate and cooperate with each other. But what is most important, the teacher can reach out to the students and cooperate with them.

Students may have their homework in one of the cloud apps. The teacher can add the common homework task for the class, and everyone should upload their ready-made task. The cloud can also be used during the class when the teacher can share the screen to show the presentation or video.

The efficiency of using education in the cloud could be seen with the establishment of online education caused by quarantine. Thousands of children around the world started their online education through Microsoft teams or any other app that allow online group meetings.

Thanks to the apps based on the cloud, students can share multimedia, show presentation, and work with the cameras turned on. This way, the cloud helped to imitate the real educational process and provide effective education for students in all parts of the world. everything that is needed from students is computers and stable access to the internet.

Interaction with the Teacher

It is important to be able to contact the teacher at any time, including online and real-life education. And we are not talking about texting messages or calls.

Education cloud computing allows teachers to gather all the students together during a specific activity. There are many educational apps and activities that make the lesson more interesting. The interactive lessons can teleport students into an online reality where they can cooperate with each other and the teacher.

The students and the teacher can do tasks together. This enables the productivity of the students and makes the studying process more engaging.

Access to Information

Access to Information

But what is most important is that all the students can have equal access to the information. Nowadays, there is no need to search for the paragraphs in books that may have been lost. The students also don’t need to go to the library to get another sample of the book needed for everyone.

All the students have access to the same books, documents, files, and tasks, so it is hard to miss something. It means that students will also not fall behind if he or they can’t visit the classes.

Final Words

The new educational trends make education easier.  Thanks to education cloud services, all the students get access to the same information and can send homework right to the teacher. This system has no cons and makes the youth more aware of the technology and its implementation in today’s world.