How to Connect Godaddy Domain to Namecheap Hosting

connect godaddy domain name to namecheap

This topic is on how to connect GoDaddy domain to Namecheap hosting because many times we purchase the domain name and hosting from two different companies.

So, This tutorial will help you to connect the GoDaddy domain to Namecheap hosting easily. You can read the step by step instructions to do it properly.

How to connect Godaddy Domain to Namecheap Hosting

1. Open the Godaddy website and login into your account.

2. In the GoDaddy account, go to My Products.

3. Now, you can see the domain name. Click on the DNS.

how to connect godaddy domain to namecheap hosting

4. Now, scroll down the screen and then you will see the Godaddy nameservers just like in the image below. You have to change these nameservers to Namecheap web hosting nameservers. Click on the change button.

Now, you will see an option enter my own nameservers (advanced) click on that. Now, you will see two empty boxes of nameserver 1 and nameserver 2. In these two boxes, you have to enter Namecheap nameservers.

connect godaddy domain name to namecheap web hosting

5. If you are using the Namecheap shared hosting plan (Stellar, Stellar Plus, or Stellar Business plan) and you want to connect your Godaddy domain name to Namecheap shared hosting plan. Then you need to replace the Godaddy nameserver with the Namecheap nameservers. These are the nameservers for Namecheap shared hosting plans. You have to copy or type these same nameservers in your Godaddy nameservers.


Now, click on the Save button.

godaddy domain and namecheap hosting

6. Open the Namecheap website and Login to your account. Open the cPanel and search for addon domains. In the image below, you can see Addon Domains. Click on addon domains.

namecheap hosting connected with Godaddy domain name

7. In the addon domain, type the domain name that you want to connect to Namecheap hosting. You can follow the same way that I have done, check this image. My GoDaddy domain name is Now, click on Addon Domain button.

You can create an FTP account if you want to create for your domain.

addon domain

8. Now, the Godaddy domain name is successfully connected with the Namecheap hosting. To make your website live, Go to the Softaculous app installer and Install WordPress on your website. So, these are the steps to connect Godaddy domain to Namecheap hosting.

If you are getting any error, or unable to connect Godaddy domain to Namecheap hosting then you can ask your question/error in the comment section. We will try to help you.

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