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math games

For people who are looking for a brain game, logic games, memory games, cool math games, puzzle games, sudoku, number games, etc online for free. This is the list of 6 best games that you can play to enjoy and learn math problems easily.

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6 Best cool math games

There are many math games apps available on the play store as well as many websites on google. Here, based on brain games, cool math games, logic games, memory games, etc. We have shared a list of some websites that you will find useful to play and learn math problems easily.

1. Cool math games

cool math games

Cool math games website was created in 1997. If you are thinking that math is boring. We would recommend that you use this website to make a math fun game for you. You can solve problems by playing games. This website has a user-friendly interface that will help you to do things easily.

There are many games available on the cool math games website. You can find games related to strategy, skill, numbers, logic, trivia, words, jigsaw, science, and memory.


2. Math Playground

math playground

Math playground website was created in 2002. This is another best website for students who needed a fun way to solve math problems. You can play cool math games on this website. This website has categories related to math games, logic games, math arcade, story math, math videos, and all games.

You can play online maths game for free on math playground. There are many games available on this website such as addition-subtraction games, multiplication-division games, brain workout games, puzzle games, fox journey, run 2, and many more.


3. Mind Games

mind games

If you want more sites to play brain games other than cool math games and math playground then you should check mind games. It is also a decent website to play and solve problems. This website has categories related to brain games, math games, puzzle games, word games, crosswords, sudoku, and memory games.

You can play online maths games for free on the mind games website. The homepage of mind games is loaded with plenty of games that you will love to play.


4. Fun Brain

fun brain

You can play math-related games on the fun brain. This website is created for kids to help them solving maths problems easily by playing it as a game. It is a free educational game website that aim is to develop skills in math, problem-solving, and reading.

Fun brain offers hundreds of games, videos, and reading articles such as books, comics. Students or anyone can use this website to play and enjoy problem-solving. You can browse by grade (up to 8th grade), browse by type, or categories.

Grades that you can choose – pre-k & kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade.

Browse by type – all games, all videos, all books.

Categories – Games, reading, videos, and the math zone.


5. Math Games

math games

This website has an easily understandable category section. kids from pre-kindergarten to 8th grade can practice math problems in a fun way on math games.

This website has five sections and they are grades (pre-kindergarten to grade 8), skills, games, standards, and worksheets. It is a very useful website for kids to learn and develop skills.


6. Splash Games

This is the parent’s dashboard of splash math. In your splash games dashboard, You will see your time spent on the website, how many problems that you have answered, correct answers, curriculum, reports, and rewards.

splash games

Splash games is a platform to learn maths with fun and enjoyment. The graphics display makes kids easy to understand things. It is one of the good platforms for kids to learn and develop math skills with enjoyment. Play cool math games, puzzle, solve questions, etc.

It is free up to some extent and to unlock unlimited access you will have to upgrade your plan.

Type: private company for profit


This is the list of the websites where you will find math solving problems, logic, questions, puzzles, and other related things. This sites will help kids to learn things easily.


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