How to Recover Lost Partition on Windows?

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Is your Windows PC having problems booting or running normally? Perhaps some files have gone missing from its hard disk or you’ve accidentally deleted them. If so, then you need to restore those partitions back into shape. Whether you simply want to restore the system settings or you want to perform a complete reinstallation, restoring the operating system is always a good idea. This way, you’ll get rid of any malware infections, and you won’t waste time installing new programs.

You probably already know that using third party software can cause damage to your computer. In addition, these tools often fail to run well without errors. The problem is usually caused by conflicts between various programs on your system. Fortunately, Microsoft has created the tool to solve such issues.

This article is about recovery a lost partition of Windows 10. There could be many reasons if your hard disk drive stops showing all partitions except C:\ (usually a single partition). This happens due to deletion issues, virus attacks, improper shutdown etc. But don’t worry we have some solution for it. These techniques help us in restoring deleted partition table on computer’s hard disk drives. Hope these steps help you.

How To Recover Lost Partition On A Computer?

Recover Lost Partition On A Computer

Before continuing, remember that deleting a partition unintentionally means losing everything connected to it; including OS, application data, documents, emails, pictures, videos and personal files.

As mentioned earlier, you need to make sure that you’ve backed up your files using an external storage device before scanning for your lost partition. We won’t go over setting up backup software in this tutorial since it varies depending upon what operating system you’re running. Just search online for tutorials about backing up files in your OS of choice. Once you’ve done that, continue reading.

Step 1: Restart Your Computer

First thing first, restart your computer. You should do this after every change you make to your computer because it will ensure that your changes are applied correctly.

Step 2: Check For Disk Errors

Open a command prompt (Windows + R) as an Administrator and run chkdsk C:\. Wait until it says it’s done scanning. Then exit out of the command prompt.

Step 3: Scan For Lost Partitions

To detect lost partitions, run the next commands: chntrk –scan /f (replace “/f” with the name of the file containing the list of missing partitions) and then check for the list of found partitions in the output window.

Step 4: Restore Partition Table

Once you’ve found the correct partition, type “restorept”. Then, follow the prompts to finish the process.

Step 5: Reboot And Enjoy!

Finally, reboot your computer and enjoy the restored partition.

  1. Partition Recovery

A computer needs a large amount of memory and storage space to operate correctly. Moving computers frequently can create problems because often times data must be backed up to avoid losing work. Whether a person moves home or across town, they might find themselves looking for ways to get back into working order after every transfer. People who travel extensively may find that they have had trouble storing their documents and other information. In such cases, people might consider finding an online backup site where they would store copies of these items so that they could easily retrieve them later. While not everyone may require such services, they can provide a great benefit.

  1. Recover Lost Files

A data loss program can assist you recover your lost data, even if they’re corrupted or misplaced. Once you run the program, it will check your disk drive for evidence of lost data. Then, it will inform you if it detects any file errors. If so, then it will ask if you want to try to restore them. However, you should know that recovering lost data might require sophisticated tools and techniques; it may take several hours to complete.

  1. Advanced Scanning Options

A number of applications come with preconfigured scanners that scan the entire contents of your hard disks within seconds. Since they can do this so quickly, they may also miss important data on your system if you are not aware of what might be missed. By enabling the “Advanced Scanning Options”, you can make an effort to recover lost information. For example, the program attempts to detect previously deleted files, old email accounts, cached pages, and more. While the results vary depending upon the application used, this option should help you locate any missing data.

Here are a few reasons why you should learn how to do it yourself:

Recovering lost hard drive space

Recovering lost hard drive space

The hard drive is a sort of an internal memory device connected to your computer through a connector port. Hard drives come in various sizes and forms such as HDD (hard disc drives), SSD (solid state drives) and USB flash drives. A storage device contains a multitude of sectors and tracks, just like a CD/DVD does. In the case of CDs or DVDs, these sectors contain information about what type of media is present in the drive and where the beginning sector can be found. For solid state devices, the sectors carry digital information about each individual block or group of blocks that exist within the storage device. These blocks store important information, like documents, applications, photos, videos, music and so on.

Recovery of files back to the storage device

If you have lost some critical data due to malicious viruses, corruption caused by third-party application failure, or even human error, you might want to restore those deleted/lost files from the backup copies of the same. In case of partition recovery software, you can easily retrieve files from a damaged partition and save them in an external storage device connected to the system.

Improve performance of the system

Improve performance of the system

When the hard drive is full of useless files, its performance drops down significantly. You can free some unused space by recovering the missing partitions. Partition recovery tool offers effective solution to recover lost partitions on Windows.

You should try these methods if your computer is not running correctly. So, don’t wait until you get problems while performing maintenance tasks. By taking care of regular maintenance, you can minimize the number of issues that arise. And finally, you won’t face any problem related to hard disk space recovery.


Partition recovery is one of the most common problems faced by users. It happens because of various reasons such as malware infection, hardware malfunctioning, power outage, etc. But, you can solve this issue without spending much time and effort. All you need to do is use partition recovery software. This software helps you to recover lost partitions on windows.