How to Delete Sitemap From Google Search Console Quickly


There can be different reasons to remove a sitemap from Google Search Console. In this guide, you will read how to delete sitemap from Google search Console.

It takes less than 1 minute to delete sitemap from Google search console.

There can be many reasons for removing sitemap and some of them may be:

  • Your sitemap is not properly working
  • Your website may be hacked and the hacker inserted another sitemap file
  • or there can be multiple reasons

Now, Let’s see how you can delete a sitemap easily and upload a new one.

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How to Delete Sitemap From Google Search Console

1. Open Google Search Console and log in to your account.

2. In the left side menu, you will see the option “sitemap“. Click on that.

3. Now, you will see the sitemap file of your website. Click on the sitemap.

I am using rankmath SEO plugin and by default the sitemap generated by rank math is sitemap_index.xml. If you are using any other plugin then your sitemap URL may be different.

how to check sitemap in google search console

4. Now, at the top right side, you will see three dots. Click on that and then click on remove sitemap.

how to delete sitemap from google search console

5. It will ask you to remove or cancel. Click on remove. Now, the sitemap of the website has been removed from the Google Search Console.

how to remove sitemap from google search console

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How to Add a New Sitemap

1. If you want to add a new sitemap of your website in the Google Search Console then click on the sitemap.

2. Type the URL of the sitemap or copy and paste the URL in the empty space provided for the sitemap URL (see in the image below).

Click on submit.

how to add sitemap in google search console


1. I am a beginner. Should I submit my website sitemap.xml to Google Search Console?

Yes, I definitely recommend you submit your website sitemap.xml file to the GSC.

Whether you are new to blogging or not but this is the most important step that every beginner should do when starting a blog or any other business website.

2. Does Google Search Console helps in getting organic traffic?

sitemap.xml file tells the structure of your website, total posts, and pages, categories, and it makes the search engine robots easy to navigate to your website pages and posts.

It is important for search engine optimization. Yes, this tool will help you in many ways to get traffic from Google search results.

This tool also guides you to fix various errors which you can see in this tool. You can also check from which particular keywords your website receives the traffic and how many clicks you get from a particular keyword.


If you are getting a problem with the sitemap.xml file then you can delete sitemap from Google search console and submit it again. I have already mentioned all the steps in this tutorial to delete sitemap from google search console and how to add it again.

Google Search Console is a very useful tool for blogging and business growth. This tool provides performance and traffic reports, display issues on your website to fix them, traffic on paritcular keyword, page speed performance, and lots’ more.


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