Top 9 Novelties in Automotive Technology During the Latest Years

Top 9 Novelties in Automotive Technology During the Latest Years

The automotive industry is changing and improving to meet the latest demands of consumers on a regular basis.  No matter what part of the world you are in, cars are an essential part of your life. The automotive world has a long history. And is still continuing to develop due to all technological advances, newest additions, innovative creations, and latest specifications. Nowadays consumers demand from the car industry not only the possibility to drive quickly. They also want modern devices, comfort, luxury, and all other possible automotive advancements.

The development of cars has significantly improved during the recent years. From ordinary seat-belts to advanced automatic parking, from paper maps to GPS navigating systems. Everything about car making technology keeps getting better and more advanced. Buying a car or if we want to what rental cars can fit 6 people today, we focus on what is built into the vehicle. Knowing this, manufacturers try to imply the best technological breakthroughs into their cars.

1. Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles

Electric cars have been gaining popularity for several years and today they are worthy competitors of fuel cars. The sales of electric vehicles are constantly on the rise. And most likely the fuel crisis will make them even more popular at an early date. So, if you decide to rent a 6-seater vehicle check out the electric variants.

More and more automakers are launching electric vehicles. So, competition is getting tougher which makes the price of electric cars fall even more recently. Electric cars have easier maintenance.  So their owners are expected to spend less time repairing their vehicles and carrying out current service.

2. Fast Charging

Electric vehicles made up a significant portion of new car sales in recent years and their popularity is increasingly rising across the world. Most manufacturers today are continuing to develop and improve the manufacturing process. For now, their top priority task is to make electric vehicles easily comparable to fuel-powered vehicles. Consequently, they are checking out all the possibilities to produce the most high-powered and fast-charging electric cars.

Modern electric cars are equipped with a regular AC charger usually taking the full battery from 4 to 6 hours. If speaking about fast charging – this process happens much faster. With the DC charger, you’ll get 80 percent of the battery in 30 minutes. Another ultimate task, for now, is increasing the number of charging stations, which is quite rare at present.

3. Incorporation of Artificial Intelligence

Incorporation of Artificial Intelligence

Such notions as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Computer Vision boldly entered modern production. Incorporating Artificial Intelligence into the automotive enterprise allows a lot. Thus it introduces many robotic automation and digital technologies to the manufacturing process of electric vehicles. By means of AI, motor companies can significantly reduce manufacturing costs.  And not lose quality and turnover in production.

At the same time, consumers receive a product with significantly improved performance of many things.  Such as safety,  operating the vehicle, and many other qualitative characteristics of the vehicles. However, implementing Artificial Intelligence in the automotive industry implies many challenges. It requires workers with special qualified skills, enhanced security, and other expensive complexities.

4. Automatic Parking

Most drivers can’t deny they have trouble parking their cars from time to time. Thus, more and more car manufacturers have been trying to solve this task for years.  Until 2006 Lexus achieved this goal and created an automatic parking system. The automatic parking feature immediately became one of the most advantageous and demanded technologies created. By means of this technology, drivers can park their cars automatically.  This is one of the essential characteristics wanted by modern consumers. Nowadays automatic parking technology is included in the vehicles of most of the providing brands – Tesla, Audi, BMW, Jeep, and others.

5. Voice Recognition

Voice Recognition

Not long ago this advanced technological creation was considered just fiction, which could be seen only in film. However, the voice recognition feature is still in the phase of development. But this technology truly does exist and is gladly used by drivers. With its help of it, they can get navigational directions, call and even send text messages, and start their car. Thus, this advanced automobile technological breakthrough may even reduce the number of car accidents. As many of them are caused by drivers using their mobile phones while driving their cars.

6. Wi-Fi

Several years ago, Wi-Fi was possible only in the cars of premium or luxury class such as BMW or Mercedes-Benz. But today due to the availability of the internet, more and more car companies include Wi-Fi hotspots in their models. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay continue to gain popularity and today become a major addition to the most modern cars. Wi-Fi available in the car solves numerous problems.  It makes it possible to stay connected even if you are in a low-signal area.  Also, it allows you not to worry about how to keep the kids distracted during the long journey. You can just connect some of your gadgets and they are busy with cartoon or films.

7. Self-driving Vehicles

Self driving Vehicles

The aim of autonomous cars is to improve the safety of transportation. It is possible by means of reducing the number of human drivers on the roads, which lowers the portion of drivers’ negligence or fatigue.

Autonomous vehicles also widen the car rental variants. Today considering the range of cars for rent you can pick not only ordinary motorcars, and electric cars, but also innovative self-driving vehicles. These advanced vehicles use plenty of revolutionary technologies.  They can avoid obstacles on the road, such as computer vision and pedestrian behavior prediction. Such technologies help to predict the movement of a person on the road.

8. 3D Printing in Car Manufacturing

This revolutionary creation implies printing designs needed by car manufacturers with 3D printing technology. 3D printing allows for saving much time in the manufacturing of vehicles. It helps car companies to speed up the production of automobiles by means of performing rapid prototyping.

9. Biometric Seat Capabilities

This technology makes a driver’s personal experience in a vehicle much more comfortable and pleasant. Biometric seat capabilities presuppose collecting data from a driver’s face and palms to meet his unique needs with a biometric seat. Besides, the technology monitors the driver’s physical condition and advises the right time to take a break. This helps avoid fatigue and helps drivers to feel more confident on the road.