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Think central is an educational website. It can be used by students, teachers, and administrators. It’s an amazing website. There are lots of resources available on this website to help you.

General Information

Type of website: Educational

Domain name registered on: 17 October 2002

Alternatives: Study Island and Schoology


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What is think Central?

Think central k 6 is an educational website that can be used by students, teachers, and administrators. It is a very useful website for students. For learning maths and doing activities it is one of the best websites.

How to Use Think Central

For using think central you have to receive a username and password from your teacher. If you do not have username and password try to contact your teacher to get it.

Step 1

Open the website –

Step 2

Select your country, state, district, school and then type your username and password.

Step 3

Click on the login button

Navigation menu

Home: You can use this option to visit the homepage.

Log out: To log out your ID.

Help: If you need any help you can use this option.


So, After when you log in to your account. Your dashboard will be open. Where you see 3 options

think central

1. Things to do

In this option, You can access all your assignments, due dates, and status that the teacher has given to you. Students can see their works in this section that are given by the teacher.


2. My library

This option will show your available materials. My library consists of Go math, interactive student edition, math concept readers, mega math, go math edition ebook, critical area projects, strategic intervention, math on the spot videos, and some more tools.

think central k 6

3. Test scores

It displays all the scores that you have got. In my scores, you can see all your marks obtained and percentages.

my score

This is an excellent feature of this website. You can check your correct and incorrect answers. By using this site, parents can also check their child progress reports and know about their child’s performance, test scores, and assignments.

Features Overview

  • Search for particulars in library
  • Check your score and percentage
  • Online assignment and due dates
  • Easy to operate and good graphical user interface

Go math

In the library option, you will see go math Spanish interactive edition, go math! student edition, animated math models for grade 3, etc. You can choose any of these depending on your choice.

go math

Suppose, I have select animated math models grade 3. It will be open like this in the image. A child can practice these things to learn things easily. This is a great activity that they can do at home.

think central

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