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Study island is an educational website which is a leading academic provider of standards-based learning online solutions. Study island is an edmentum product. It is a useful website web application for students.

General Information

Type of website: Educational website

Founded in the year: 2000

Used by: Students, teachers, parents, and schools

Registration Required: Yes

Alternatives: Pearson realize and Think central


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Study Island for schools and parents

Study island is a web-based learning platform for students of kindergarten and 12th grade. It has customized content for every grade students.

Students can learn math, reading, writing, science, and social studies. To engage students and to make their interest in subjects, study island provides interactive features and games. So, learning makes simple and easy.

Over 10 million users and 23k+ schools have chosen study island in the USA and Canada. This number shows the user’s trust and choice to opt for this application.

Study Island Login

If you are already a member and purchased a plan. Then, click on the login option. Now, you have two options

  1. Study island for schools
  2. Study island for home
study island login

Select the program that you have purchased. Then login to the website with your email and password.

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Free Trial

If you want any trail to check this website. Then, this website offers a free trial for schools and parents. What you need to do is simply open the website and there you will see an option “free trial”. Click on that.

Now, just fill all the details like name, job title, email, phone number, etc. and click on “get a free trial button.”

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  • Data-driven format assessment solutions.
  • Web-based instructions, assessment, and practice.
  • Easy to use, user-friendly, and data-rich interface.
  • Standard-based practice – The Practice built from your state standards.
  • You can see a real-time progress monitoring report.
  • Schools and district reporting.
  • Test builder and group session.
  • Engaging lessons for k-12 students.
  • To keep every student motivated and confident, this website gives you experience badges, points, and coins, which is a good thing for a healthy competition.
  • Toolkit for teachers and much more.


Pricing is divided into two types one is for schools while the second one is for parents. So, you can check your requirements and then select a plan.

For schools

$5.50 per student.

For Parents

  • For a single student, the price is $15 per month. If you purchase a yearly plan then it costs you $10 per month. It means that you have to pay $120 annually.
  • Family plan: In this plan, you will get 5 accounts. The price is $25 per month. If you purchase a yearly plan then it costs you $16.67 per month. It means that you have to pay $200 annually.
  • You can get all available subjects in both single student and family plans.
  • You can also start a 10-day free trial.


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