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class dojo

ClassDojo connects parents, teachers, and students in every classroom so, that it makes understanding and working better. It is a communication platform that lets you see performance reports through photos, videos, and messages. The app is also available.

General Information

Founded: August 2011 (first version)

Founder Name: Sam and Liam

Website Availability: Worldwide

Official Website:

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Class Dojo

As we already discussed. It is a communication platform that lets teachers connect with students and parents to make it a better place and to see their children’s activities. Students can share their classroom activities photos and videos with their parents. It is used in 180 countries but the availability of this website is worldwide. So, anyone can use it. It is used by students of pre-school, kindergarten, 1st grade to 12th grade, and others.

The first version was launched in August 2011 and around 80 teachers join this platform in one week. The popularity increases rapidly and in September the website has crossed 12,000 teachers who have joined this platform.

It is listed by popular Forbes magazine in 30 under 30 for education. It is available in the android play store and on iOS.

Based on the facts, more than 94% of k-8 schools in the U.S are using it. There are 35 languages available to translate messages automatically.

Class Dojo Login

You can log in as a teacher, parent, student, school leader. But if you do not have an account on class dojo then you can sign up, It’s free.

class dojo login

Class Dojo Parents Guide

If you are a parent, then signup as a parent. Type your first and last name, enter your email address, type password for your account, then click on the signup button. That’s it your account is now created.


Click on the Next button.


Now, If you want to connect to your kid’s classroom. Then you need to have a class code or ask the teacher to invite you. Another way is that you can search for your child’s teacher by name and type the school name. If you find your child’s teacher then, request him/her to join.


After when you join the class, you can see your child’s activities, stories, etc. You can use it on any device such as a computer, laptop, tablet, phone, etc. As a parent, you can see behavior information for your different children across different classrooms. You just need to add a unique access code assigned to them.

In your profile, you can see options like messages, class stories, notifications, etc. Parents can send a message to their child’s teachers and also received messages from the teacher’s side.

Class Dojo Students

Students can log in with their accounts. Students can share their classroom photos, videos, and announcements on the class story, or by sending a private message to their parents.


In the teacher account, there are five options in the menu – classroom, portfolio, class story, and messages. Now let’s discuss each of these options.

class dojo teacher

In the classroom option, the teacher uses it to give feedback to their students. Based on student performance teacher can give him/her good feedback or needs work/improvement.

class dojo

In the portfolios, Teachers can assign activities like homework, classwork, text entry, etc to students.

In the stories, you can post the things happening in your classroom, photos, videos. The last option is the messages option, In which you can search and message the parents.

Mobile App

The mobile app is available on the app store as well as on Google Play. Using the app makes the process much easier because you can use it anywhere and at any time. You do not need to carry a laptop every time.


  • It allows teachers, students, and parents to connect
  • Sharing stories, photos, and videos with parents
  • Parents can send their child’s teachers a message
  • Teachers can also send the message directly to the child’s parents
  • Students required an access code to enter/join in a class
  • The platform is always free for teachers


Classdojo is free for teachers. It is a good application that provides a platform to connect teachers, students, and parents. Students can share the stories of their classroom with their parents. This platform makes the perfect combination and understanding. So, overall a good to use application that parents should join. If you are already using it, you can share your valuable experience with us in the comment section.

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