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iReady for Teachers and Students

iReady is an educational website that is designed to provide individualized instruction. These instructions are based on the child’s needs and requirements. So, it makes the child learning clever.

The site is available in English and Spanish language. i-ready mainly focuses on subjects like English and Math. You can also download the app from the app store.

General Information

Type: Educational online learning platform

Registration required: Yes

Language: English and Spanish (as of 2020)

License required: You have to purchase the license for using this software

Alternatives: Google Classroom and Schoology

Website: i-ready.com

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It is an online web application for reading and maths. This program will help the teacher to determine their student’s needs, monitor student’s progress reports, and personalize learning in an effective way, and encourage students for better performance.

iReady – Learning Platform

i-ready starts with a test that is conducted to know the academic skills of the child in math and reading. It is based on k-12 common core state standards (CCSS).

Each time when the child answers a question correctly, the level of difficulty increases. But if the child answers a question incorrectly difficulty gets a little bit easier.


It helps your child to learn and improve his skills. Teachers can monitor the records of the child. This result will help you to look at your child’s academic activities.

It will help teachers to find out where the child is facing difficulties and help him to come out of this. These analytics show progress and growth.

In each lesson, you will find a diverse form of animated characters that really help to gain information quickly.

There are three parts of lessons and they are tutorial, guided practice, and graded activity. This educational website will motivate you. Whenever you answer correctly you will earn credits after completing a lesson.

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iReady Login

Open the website. Now, type your username and password. Select your state and then click on Go! button.

iready login

You can enter your class number for the k-1 card login.

iready math

How i-Ready works?

You can log in with your username and password. After that, you can start your lessons. You can view your progress report in the My Progress box. It provides reading domains and math domains. You can learn these topics on the website.

For Students

Students can get started by login with his/her username and password. A test will be started to check the academic skills of the student.

The subjects are Math and English reading. When the student answers every question correctly, the level and difficulty of the questions increases. But in case if the student answer is incorrect then in such case difficulty level get a little easier.

This feature help student’s to stay motivated and raise their skills level by level. It will engage the child in productive struggles and discussions. Thus, it increases the ability to solve questions and finding the answers.

Parents can see their child’s progress report by login using username and password.

i-Ready For Teachers

Teacher work is to facilitate, observe, and guide the students. Student’s progress report and level in math and reading will be observed by teachers. This progress report helps teachers to know the weak areas of the child.

i-Ready For Schools

Schools and teachers dashboard and features are likely similar. But schools have some extra features. So, these extra features provide students with detailed reports to school.

For using the software. Schools have to purchase the license per student and subject.

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iReady Math and Reading Subject

iready math subject cover the following topics:

Number and operations, geometry, measurement and data, algebra, and algebraic thinking.

Reading domain cover the following topics:

phonological awareness, phonics, high-frequency words, vocabulary, comprehension, literature, informational text.


  • Online educational learning platform for students and check the progress reports.
  • An integrated blended program that helps teachers and saves their time.
  • Adaptive assessment and progress monitoring.
  • The use of graphical and sound sources makes it easy to understand things for kids.
  • Ready instructions.

iReady Teacher Toolbox

iready toolbox is a useful tool for teachers. The teacher Toolbox is a virtual filing cabinet to store the data. You can select grade up to k-8. There are thousands of k-8 resources which will help you to differentiate instruction for students.

It helps teachers with differentiated instruction by providing quick access to teaching materials to introduce new concepts and help students to learn prerequisite skills.

iReady App

You can download the app from the app store on your phone. This app will help you to do and manage things on your phone. It will help you in doing assessments and online lessons.

i-Ready Alternatives

  • Study Island – It is a good website for learning purposes. It is useful for students, teachers, and parents. It has customized content for every grade students.
  • Think central – There are lots of resources available on this website to help students in the study.
  • Pearson realize – A digital platform for learning in an efficient way. It is useful for teachers, parents, and students. There are many features available on this website such as notebook, highlights, glossaries, annotations, engaging content, embedded assessment, etc.
  • Zearn Math – This is another educational website that is free for any student. There are millions of students who are using this website for learning math.

What is the Price for i-Ready?

According to the curriculum associates, iReady offers a variety of packages and you can choose the package that meets the need of your school. There is no official pricing information mentioned on the curriculum associates.

To know the price, you can contact your Curriculum Associates sales representative. iready have some criteria that you need to consider before buying i-Ready.

If you want to buy this tool for your school, you need to purchase a minimum of 150 students license and it can be for a single subject or for the two subjects that is math and reading.

You also need to purchase i-Ready Diagnostic.

iReady is not available for the homeschool and you can not purchase it for the home use.


Overall, iready is the best place for learning and improving academic skills. You can see your progress report. Questions and answers based on levels.

It is a good educational platform which is already used by many students and teachers. In a survey, It is found that most of the students and teachers are quite happy with this tool.

You can share your thoughts in the comment section. If you are a teacher, you can contribute more educational content to help other students and visitors.


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