Schoology Review: Learning Management System

Schoology is a learning management system. It is a very useful web application for students. It brings together the best K-12 learning management system.

This application provides more than 200 pre-integrated educational tools, student information systems, and education platform.

General Information

Website Type: Educational website

Domain Name Registered on: 24 June 2007 (According to Whois)

Created and Founded in the year: 2009

Founded By: Jeremy Friedman, Ryan Hwang, Tim Trinidad, and Bill Kindler

CEO: Jeremy Friedman

Alternatives: Google Classroom and iReady


More than 60,000 schools are using Schoology technology. There are more than 20 million users using it on a monthly basis.

The basic product is free of cost for the instructor, students, schools and parents. When you log in to your account, then You can check your attendance records, homework, test results, assignments, take quizzes, give tests, etc.

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What is Schoology?

Schoology is an educational website that provides a learning management system with assessment management that helps to improve student’s performance and learning skills.

It is a good virtual learning software which is designed for K-12 schools and higher institutions.


It allows teachers to manage all aspects of classes online. This includes the student’s attendance, assignments, quizzes, tests, grades, and achievements.


  • It allows users to create, manage, and share academic content.
  • It allows bringing everyone together like students, teachers, parents with one communication and collaboration platform.
  • Student information system
  • Check materials, analytics, attendance, and badges
  • Instructional tools and assessment management
  • The website assists online discussions
  • It is useful for parents to get an idea about their child’s activities, progress, and performance by checking their child reports.

Product Demo/Request a Demo

You can request a demo to check the product. This demo will give you an overall idea about the software. You have to fill a form and provide the details. After that Schoology team will contact you for scheduling a demo.

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Schoology Login and Sign in

Account registration is required to use it. Click on the Schoology login button and then enter your email ID and password to sign in to your account.

schoology login

But if you are a new user. You have to click on the sign-up option and select to sign up as a student, teacher, or parent. After that, you have to enter the access code that can be provided by your teacher/instructor.

You can sign up as an instructor to use Schoology.

schoology login

How to Use Schoology

For using it, You can either use the basic package or enterprise package. The basic package is free to use and easy to sign up.

1. Log in to your account or sign up as a student, parent, or instructor.

2. In the Left bar menu, You can see the options: materials, updates, grade book, badges, attendance records, members, analytics, and access code.


3. In the top menu bar, You can see the options: home, courses, groups, and resources.


4. Start browsing and doing your work.


Schoology offers two packages and they are basic and enterprise.


The basic package is for individuals, parents, and teachers. It is free to use. You do not need to pay for this version. As it is a free version.

In the basic package, You can improve learning at the classroom level. For using the basic package:

1. Sign up as an Instructor

schoology login

2. Write your information about where do you teach, your country, state, city, and school name.

schoology sign in

3. You have to verify your identity so, that your students can join you. To verify that you are an instructor write your phone number.

If you are planning to teach students under the age of 13 then you have to submit a proof of identification.


4. You can see public resources, personal resources, groups, apps, and explore other features.



The enterprise package is for Institutions. It is for institutions of any size who want service such as to connect all the people, content, and systems in the classroom. Institutions can request a demo for using the software.

It has all the features of the basic package plus additional features to make it a better place for learning and teaching. In this plan, you will get support packages, increased storage, and many more features.


It is one of the good educational websites in the market. It is useful for teachers, students, and parents. They provide good features and customer support.

You can choose basic or enterprise package. The Basic product is for students, parents, and teachers free of charge. While you can request a demo for an enterprise package.

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