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prodigy game

What is prodigy? Prodigy is a popular website to play games and learn math. This guide will help you to play prodigy math game.

It is free to use for everyone. There are more than 50 million students, teachers, and parents, who are already active and using this platform.

General Information

Type of website: Learning game

Website availability: Worldwide

Registration: Required

Membership plans: Available

Requirements: Internet and any device that supports a web browser

Alternatives: Sheppard software and Hoodamath


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Play Prodigy Math Game

Prodigy is a curriculum aligned math game that is designed for grades 1-8. According to the official sources, there are over 1200 influential math skills for grades 1 to 8. It is available in many countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, India, and other countries.

For teachers, It is completely free. All the math activities, access, reporting, to this software is free forever. Now, we all may be thinking that why this website offers free access to the program?

They make money from the parent upgrade program, which is completely optional. It has no effect on Prodigy’s educational quality.

If parents want some extra game content, then they can upgrade their plan. Otherwise, it is also free for parents and students. This is the way the company makes money.

Teachers can see their students’ reports and what skills they are mastering. You can read our step by step guide for using this application.

How to use Prodigy?

It is easy to use and implement this game for learning in a fun way. However, this tutorial will help you to set up an account for the teacher, student, and parent. You can read this guide to set up your account on the prodigy game.

If you just want to play games on prodigy without sign in. Then, you can click on New Player and start playing games. Anyone can play games for free without sign in using this way. But I suggest creating an account is a better idea.

play prodigy

For Teachers

1. Open the website and click on “get your free account.”


2. Click on the teacher and then enter your full name, email address, and set the password. You can also log in with Google. Click on the “Create button” to create your account.

prodigy teacher

3. Select your country and curriculum. After then, click on, “let’s get started.”

how to use prodigy

4. Type your school name. If you are not going to school or don’t have a school, then select the second option. Suppose, If you selected “don’t have a school” then you have two options. The first one is “I homeschool,” and the second one is “I don’t want to share this information.” Now, you can select any option based on your preference.

Click on set your school.

play prodigy game

5. Now, you have to create your class in which you can add your students. Enter your class name. You can type any name for your class. For example – I type “new class” name to create my first class. Now select grade accordingly. Click on create a classroom. You can also import google classrooms.

setup prodigy

6. Click on okay, sounds good.

prodigy play

7. Click on Add students. By this, students can join your class.

prodigy math game

8. When you click on the “add students” option. You will find two options, shown in the image below.

prodigy com play

You can select the option according to your needs. For example, my students do not have an account on the prodigy play. So, I have to select the option “No, they need new accounts” and then click on continue.

9. Now, I have two options. Either I create my student’s account, or My students will create their own accounts. So, I am going to select, “I will create accounts for my students.” You can select any option based on your choice.

prodigy game com play

10. You need to type your student name. I have successfully created my student account. After the account is created, prodigy will send you to download pdf instruction. In which you can find your student’s username and password. You can see the below image.

prodigy password

You can send your class code to your students. So, that they can join your class. You can send the username and password to your students. So, that they can play games and make learning in a fun way.

11. In the student’s section, you can add, remove, and move students. Apart from this, it also displays your total students.

math game play

12. In the “planner” option, you can create alignment like assignments quiz, test preparation sets, etc.

prodigy planner

13. Teachers can see student reports like progress, weekly activity, topic and curriculum coverage, test, etc.

prodigy report

For Students

Students can not directly create an account on prodigy play. Either the parents or teachers have to create an account for them. After when their account is created, they can log in using their username and password.

prodigy game


Parents can create an account for their child. So, that their child can play the game on this platform. Parents can monitor and see their child’s activity and reports.

1. Open the website and create your account as a parent.

2. Click on “My child needs a new account.” If your child already has an account, then select the first option.

prodigy parent

3. Type your child’s name and then click on “add name.”

chil name

4. Select your country and curriculum.


5. You have to select your child current grade.


6. Now, you will receive your child’s username and password. Your child can use these credentials to log in and start learning on the prodigy math game.


7. Parents can set daily goals for their children.

Set goal

8. In the dashboard, you will see goal progress, grade level, weekly questions answered, curriculum progress, recent activities, report card, etc.

parent child account

Prodigy Math Game Student Login

If you are a student and want to play the game. You can follow these steps.

1. Click on get your free account button.

prodigy math game student login

2. Select the student option and then click on play prodigy now. It will say that students create their account in-game.

play prodigy math

3. Click on Sign in with Google or you can also click on New player. You can select any one of these two options. But we will show you using the sign in with Google.

prodigy play

4. Click on I want a new prodigy account and then click on continue.

Untitled 1

5. Select the student option and then click on continue.


6. Play and enjoy the game.


Membership Plan and Pricing

There are two Premium membership plans available for family. You can buy plans on a monthly, semiannually, or annually basis. It depends on your choice.

1. Individual Plan

This plan is best suited for those families who are buying it for a single child.

Price – $8.95 per month per child

But if you buy this plan semiannually then it costs you $7.95 per month per child. If you buy this plan annually then it costs you $4.99 per month per child.

2. Family Plan

This plan is best suited for those families who are buying it for multiple children.

Price – $6.72 per month per child

But if you buy this plan semiannually then it costs you $5.97 per month per child. If you buy this plan annually then it costs you $3.75 per month per child.


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