Kahoot The Learning Game – Guide to Create a Quiz & Enter Game Pin to Play


Kahoot is a popular educational game-based learning platform. It has been played worldwide. Kahoot create a game for any subject in any topic quickly.

Kahoot login is required for creating or playing a game, users can create a game on any topic. Users can also play as a guest.

General Information

Type: Educational game-based learning website

Founded by: Johan brand, Jamie Brooker, and Morten Versvik

Available: Worldwide

Company Presence: Austin, London, and Oslo

Alexa rank: 4242 (as of 2024)

Requirements to run the website: Device (phone, computer, laptop) and Internet

Pricing and plans: Free and Paid plans are available

Account Registration: Optional

Alternatives: Typing Club and Cool Math Games

Official Website: kahoot.it & kahoot.com (main website)

There are millions of people use it every day worldwide. You can enter Kahoot pin or Sign in to play games.

We have provided a detailed step by step instructions for creating a quiz, inviting a friend, and every useful information.

Remote Learning Software is an essential tool for growing your company’s employees.

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According to the official sources, 97% of fortune 500 companies are playing it for different purposes like training, presentations, events, etc.

The company raised around $60 million in funding from different private investors and companies.

What is Kahoot it?

They have two websites kahoot.it and kahoot.com. One is for creating games, While another site is for the players to play the game by login using the game pin. You need Kahoot pin to enter to start playing the game/quiz.

The company was founded in the year 2013. This website is available in the English language. It is free for teachers, students, and individuals.

But they also offer paid plans. More than1 billion players engaged every year at school, home, and at work.

You can add images, videos, diagrams to your question. Anyone can use it. It is available worldwide. Students, teachers, employees, brands, already using it for fun learning games.

You can create learning games on any topic in minutes. Most people often like to play it in a group, in a school classroom, or in a group of employees.

It is a very useful tool for businesses and companies for training, remote training, presentation, onboarding, workshop, and events purpose.

Play quizzes with your family and friends. Make learning easy and fun. Explore millions of games. You can download kahoot app from google play store. It is also available for the app store.

Kahoot Pin – Enter Game Pin and Play Kahoot

You need to enter a game pin or you can create your own Kahoot. Open the website Kahoot it to enter the game pin. These game pins are unique to each session.

The pin can be generated from the main website (kahoot.com) when a Kahoot is created and launched.

So, how do you get your Kahoot pin? As we already said it can be created on the main website. So, you can create your own or ask your friend or family members if they have already created/launched any Kahoot then ask the pin to play that quiz.

A quiz can be created on any topic that you like. Anyone can create a Kahoot pin. What you need to do is creating a Kahoot and then launch it. We have provided all the steps for creating a Kahoot below in this guide.

Kahoot Login

Kahoot login is required for creating a quiz. If you want to play the game with friends, family, cousin and to create a quiz. You need to create an account or you can play as a guest.

If you do not want to create an account then play as a guest is good for you. Kahoot login is also required for quiz participation. But I think creating an account is a better idea.

Untitled 1

Click on the Signup button for creating an account. When your account is created then log in to the site. You can use it as a teacher, as a student, socially and at work. I am a student.

So, I selected to use it as a student (see the image below). But if you are a teacher, Signup for your account as a teacher.

kahoot login

Kahoot Create – How to use it (Step by Step Guide to Create a Kahoot)

It is an easy tool to use. You can read this quick guide step by step instructions to get an overview. But make sure you have done with Kahoot sign up to play games.

Step 1

Login to your account and then click on the create button. You can create a Kahoot using a laptop/computer or you can also do it from your phone.

kahoot sign in

Step 2

Now, you have to create a Kahoot. Type the title and description of the quiz. Then, choose visibility and language. There are many languages available on the site.

You can create a quiz in any language. Use #hastags to keep the game focused and it helps to make the game easily discoverable.

kahoot create

Upload a cover image in your quiz. You can use the image library or upload it from your computer/phone.

kahoot it

You can choose visibility as “only you” or “everyone”. If you want to play quiz games with anyone then select the visibility as everyone.

Otherwise, if you want to play only with selected friends. Then, select visibility as “only you”. In this, you have to share your game pin with your friends. So, that they can join the game.

kahoot it join the game

Step 3

Click on add question.

kahoot play

Step 4

Type the question, set the time limit to answer the question, upload the relevant image, and put the four options. Click on the Next button.

kahoot quiz

Step 5

You can add more questions if you want. But I am creating only one question quiz. Now, click on the Save button (at the top right corner of the screen).

kahoot com

The quiz game is successfully created. Now, you can play it with your friends, family members, cousins, etc. Share the game pin with your friends and play.

kahoot quiz games

Step 6

Your all created kahoots will be displayed in the khoots option. See the image below, in which I created a quiz “identify the animal name”. It is displaying in the option.

kahoot quizzes

If you want to create a survey, quiz, or jumble. Then, click on the create button (at the top right corner).

create kahoot quiz

Ways to Play the Game

There are many games and features available on this website.

  • Create quizzes and play with family and friends.
  • Find a particular quiz by clicking on discover option (in the dashboard), then start playing the game.
  • Play in a group.
  • By Hosting a live game.
  • Create a quiz or jumble and assign it as homework to students.

Note: Use relevant hashtags. So, that other people will find your game easily. Example – #braingame.


  • Create quizzes, surveys, and jumble.
  • Easy to use, create quiz games in minutes.
  • Discover and play millions of games available on any topic.
  • Check all the reports.

Kahoot pricing and Plans

It is free to use for everyone. All the basic plans are free. But if you are looking for extra features and you want to use it for commercial purposes. Then, you have to buy a paid plan.

Some plans have to be bought annually. While in some plans, you can buy it monthly. So, take a look at all available plans and their pricing (as of October 2019).

Business plans & pricing

There are four plans available for business.

  1. Basic: Free
  2. Standard: $8 per host per month (free 7 days trial is also available only for this plan)
  3. Pro: $20 per host per month
  4. Premium: $40 per host per month

Plans for Schools

There are three plans available for schools.

  1. Basic: Free
  2. Pro: $3 per teacher per month
  3. Premium: $6 per teacher per month

For family and friends

  1. Basic: Free
  2. Plus pack: $8 per user per month
  3. Pro: $20 per user per month
  4. Premium: $40 per user per month

For Publishers

For all publishers, the price is $40 per user per month. You can also start a free 14 days trial.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any doubts, you can read these frequently asked questions by the users. If your query is not in the list ask us in the comment section. You will get your answer.

1. Best Funny Kahoot Names 2024

You can type any name of your choice. Some best funny Kahoot names that you may like

  • Kim jong un
  • Butt-ista
  • Lol
  • Don’t play with me
  • hey loser
  • Your daddy
  • Unknown
  • and many more…

2. What are some Inappropriate Kahoot Names

Everyone has different opinions on this topic. So, we can share the names that you think in the comment box and help other users.

3. How to win any Kahoot game

Try to give your best and put all efforts. It may or may not be in your favor.

4. Is Kahoot login required to play games?

You can create an account or play as a guest (no sign up required). You have to enter game pin to play games or you can create your own Kahoot/quiz on kahoot.com for free.

5. Do Kahoot hack or Kahoot bots really work?

There are many websites with the name Kahoot bot available on the internet. But many of them are fake and not working. Kahoot is a big company that has a good team.

So, anything like this is not going to work. We never suggest any to try anything illegal. It is a criminal offense.

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