Zearn Math – A Guide For Students and Teachers to Use Zearn


Zearn is a website that makes the digital maths learning process easy. It is the top-rated k-5 curriculum and classroom model. It is a non-profit organization whose aim is to make math learning easy.

General Information

Type of website: Educational website for learning maths

Company: Non-Profit organization

Founded in: 2012

Domain name registered on: 30 July 2011 (According to whois)

Registration for an account: Required

Alternatives: Schoology and Google Classroom

Founder: Shalinee Sharma

Website: zearn.org

The developers of the website have made good features to easily understand everything with a set of instructions. Kids will love learning maths on this website.

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Zearn org sign in

Open the official website for creating your account. If you don’t have any account then you can signup for a new account or if you are already an existing user of this website then sign in with your username and password.

You can sign in with google or clever.

zearn org sign in

Note – If you are a student then your account can be created by your parent or teacher.

zearn math

Zearn math learning platform

There are thousands of educators and over 2.5 million students in classrooms using zearn math. It provides a good and easy approach for teaching and learning maths.

It is a good resource for districts and schools because it provides good technology for the students to learn math digitally.

How to use zearn for learning math

If you are studying in a school, then your teacher will make an account for you. If you are not studying in school, then you can ask your parents to create an account for you.

You can follow this process. Step by step guide on how to use it.

1. Open the website and create an account on it. You can sign up using clever or google.

2. When you log in to the site. It will ask you to select one option student or adult. You have to select the adult because student ID can be created by teachers or school admin/staff.


3. Now, enter your area pin code, your school name, and grade.

zearn log in

4. Accept the terms and conditions to use this website.

image 1

5. That’s it, now your dashboard page will open. Now, you can start practicing problems on this website.

zearn teacher login

Steps to create a class and add students

1. Click on create classes and students.

zearn students login

2. Type the name of your class and then select the grade.

add class

3. Add students to your class by clicking on the add students button.

add students

4. In the given image below, this is the student ID who is solving the problem. He is a beginner so, the question level starts from the basic.


Curriculum and classroom model

Core days (Monday to Thursday)

  1. Whole group fluencies and word problems – 15 minutes daily.
  2. Independent digital lessons – 30 minutes daily (four lessons each week).
  3. Small group lessons – 30 minutes daily (four lessons each week).

Flex days (Friday)

  1. Whole group fluencies and word problems – 15 minutes daily.
  2. Flexible stations – Timing varies (based on student needs).


  • The real-time report gives an idea to educators about the student. So, it helps educators to support student learning.
  • It is focus and coherence, therefore it makes learning easy.
  • It offers Independent digital lessons. So, the students can learn by themselves, using digital resources like high-quality content, instructional videos and add on more features to help the student.
  • Whole group activities – include group activities like word problems. Which helps students to develop problem-solving skills and strengthen number sense.
  • Assessments and reports – It is in both format i.e, digital and paper, pencil format. Teachers will receive all real-time data of student’s progress, productivity, and weak areas in which they are struggling. This data will help to support such students to improve their skills.
  • Small group lessons – Students take part in class math discussions in the presence of the teacher. They also receive direct feedback at the time of the performance.

Printed Materials

Printed materials are available for students and teachers. Each workbook is spiral bound and punched neatly for daily use.

Students printed materials include student notes, exit tickets, and goal trackers. While the answer keys printed material is for teachers.

Pricing for districts and schools

Zearn math is a non-profit organization, that aims to provide quality education at no cost to students. The materials are available for free to teachers and students. So, that students will love learning maths.

You can check 2019-20 Price, which is also available on the official website.

Subscription plan price for schools:

For a 1-year access subscription to curriculum study and classroom implementation personality development, the price is $2500 per annum per school.

For a 1-year access subscription to classroom implementation personality development, the price is $500 per annum per school.

Workbook price:

$28 per student workbook (It includes student notes, exit tickets, and goal trackers)

$78 per teacher answer key



Zearn.org math is a good website for learning math in an easy way. It analyzes student capabilities and shows you the reports of each and every student of your school. These reports are very useful to support student learning.

You can solve problems, learn independent digital lessons, participate in group activities, know about your progress, and more.

Also, it is a non-profit organization that aim is to make math solving easy for every student. It is a trusted source and the best one for problem-solving.